Sudan, slavery, starvation and Islam.

So hold on a second…. “We shouldn’t fight Islam because Islam is just where Christianity was a few hundred years ago so since ‘we’ did it, we really should allow ‘them’ to do it and someday ‘they’ will be ‘us’.”

I have heard variants on this preposterous bit of pseudo-reasoning for years now. There is so much wrong with it I do not have the time or patience to type it all out. I will offer two things though, 1. if it was wrong for Christians to do (whatever aspect of Islamic horror we are discussing which most likely Christians NEVER did, and certainly not in accordance with dogma) then, it is wrong for Muslims to do it now. 2. Thanks very much to KitmanTV, we see a contemporary example of Islam in Africa which frankly, any attempt to rationalize away or justify with the intellectual slight of hand of  the kind of historical relativism I illustrated above, is simply repugnant and borderline criminal. Watch this please. And send this link to anyone who gives that obscene argument or any variant of it.

Link: Slavery sudan

It wasn’t all that long ago, that Britian sent its gunboats up various African rivers and shelled the palaces of kings and leaders who would not abandon the slave trade. England has changed quite a bit since then I would say.

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