PJTV history of political correctness. This is truly excellent.

Please take the twelve minutes to watch this superb analysis of modern American leftism and it’s genesis. At the end of this short clip, they suggest going to youtube and searching for a documentary which is broken into three parts on the history of political correctness as a deliberate strategy for undermining western civilization. I took the liberty of finding them and adding them here so no need to search. Please enjoy and send the link far and wide. I believe this needs to be commonly known.

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PJTV The Narative plus History PC from Vlad Tepes on Vimeo.

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  1. This is a great documentary i firts seen in 2007 after looking up information about Erich Fromm, a book which is in the bibliography of student in American-Romanian University in Bucharest. American-Romanian, not EU-Romanian, not Russian-Romanian, American 🙂
    Comunism is coming from the West these days, not from the Soviets

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