Islam shows its usual tolerance in the Philipines:

From The Manila Times by way of The Religion of Peace:

Islam shows its multi faith tolerance to church in Kosovo

Islam shows its multi faith tolerance to church in Kosovo

many Filipinos were shocked to learn from a privileges speech of Senate Minority Leader Aquilino Piumentel Jr., the untiring advocate of federalism (out of concern for the Muslim Filipinos), that in Marawi City and Sulu province it is forbidden to display the cross—the symbol of Christianity—at the top or frontage of buildings, including church spires.

Christians are also proscribed from singing religious hymns. This makes it impossible for Catholics to hold sung High Masses and Protestants to melodiously exclaim their joy at the blessings of Amazing Grace.

Is intolerance toward Christian symbols and hymns in Marawi and Sulu the specter of Talibanization rearing its ugly head? Some Marawi City people are proud of their city being the Philippines’ “lone Islamic City.” They exult over trycyles there that proclaim their being the “Gift of Allah” and not of Jesus.

We oppose intolerance—especially religious intolerance. It cheers us to see many churches, chapels and mosques all over our country. We would lambast any act of intolerance by religious majorities against minorities.

The Muslim intolerance towards Christians in Marawi and Sulu must be stopped. It could be a sign of incipient Talibanization, the germ of a potential nationwide tragedy. It could turn the Mindanao problem from a socioeconomic and ethical one of injustice into a painful, widespread and bloody religious war.

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