Donald Boström rapes baby dolphins on crack.

I have no idea if Donald Boström rapes baby dolphins on crack actually. But I do know according to his own rules, its up to him to prove he does not. From the Jpost on the accusations of organ stealing of Palestinians by Jews:

“The article’s author Donald Boström freely admits that he has no evidence of any of his allegations but says it is up to Jews and Israelis to prove themselves innocent. An interesting if not entirely original twist – Jews are guilty until they prove themselves innocent. The basic tenets of democracy do not appear to be familiar to either Boström or Aftonbladet.”


Crack dealing baby dolphin raper of Sweden. Swedes are all Dolphin rapers.

So, by Donald’s own logic, and turn around being fair play I think we all should have a shot at him. If it is up to the accused to prove an allegation false, (something that a first week student of logic would know is impossible and illogical, ever try proving there is no god?) Then lets see what we can make stick against Donny over there. I will send a Larry Curly and Moe T shirt to the person with the best accusation.


Don after a trip to the Stockholm Aquarium. had enough Dolphin 'tail' for today Donald?

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  1. I know for a fact that this guy is a member of NAMBLA and like to jerk off to multi-racial gay kiddie bondage porn. I hope this helps with your investigation.

  2. Jerk off to it? He MAKES it!

    Hell, Boström is a child-porn director and seller. Or haven’t you all heard how assorted leftarded organizations pooled a couple of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and a bit more cash to buy the local media’s silence on this story, to bail him out of jail last time he was caught in Southeast Asia looking for “actors” and “actresses” for his fitlhy and disgusting flicks?

    Sidenote: Eeyore, you sure nailed in this posting the spirit of Boström’s “journalism.” It just makes me sick that nearly all of those inhabiting the Israel- and America-hating leftarded universe would never stop blinding themselves to the truth in fabrications like the organ-harvesting story. And doesn’t that Kenny-MacAskill-like smug look on his face just make you want to puke?

  3. Oren the sad thing is, it isn’t even a stereotype. By all means Swedish press is invited to write about Jews and Soda water or Chinese food. Maybe about nerdy math genius’s or bad fashion sense. But the blood libel is an utter forgery invented by Russian anti Semites for the express purpose of creating anti Semitic frenzy.

  4. The title is patently false. In fact, it is the absolute opposite of the truth. I personally know a guy who knows a guy who knows Stockholm Aquarium janitor who says that Donald Boström was molested by baby dolphins on crack, not the other way around as the title claims. Get your facts straight, dude!

  5. Yeah? Then explain why Donald speaks of ‘Blow holes’ in a rather disturbing way. We all know he does it. Up to him to prove he does not.

  6. I actualy went head to head in a Swedish Newspaper straight after publication last year, a “friend of Palistinians” called for an international inquiery I asked on what grounds, he answer that the “allegations where now out there” and had to be invesigated, I aswered, funnily enough that I believed that the friend of Palistinians was the man fiddling with my neighbours ponnies at night… absurd? But now we have the aligations out there they should be investigated, no? Suffice to say was the end of that debate…

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