Luton UK: Police cover up minor race riot?

If indeed this is how it looks, one can rest assured had non ‘Asians’ randomly attacked Muslims etc. it would not only not be covered up, it would be very widely used as a way of discrediting some political parties and advancing others. First, a scan of the newspaper article from Aug. 19

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This is a very serious allegation, so while it may appear that I am being overly cautious in my language, it is because if it is true that police and the state did cover up this outrage, people have a right to treat the state as hostile to the people of England. This is very, very serious. If it is not true, if this ‘race riot’ did not happen, then whoever began this rumor is guilty of a serious crime.

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Digitalspy has more info about the paper etc:

Most other links I have found are redundant. I have not yet found any first hand accounts yet. This is developing and again, should be treated with caution. Lionheart has this story up and he is very cautious and a reliable source as well as a well motivated one. Lionheart has worked hard to distance himself from the unsavory elements of the ‘Anti Jihad’ and is worthy of respect and has earned credibility on this.

The paper is reputed to be ‘The London Sun, Aug 17 page 25’

There is nothing in the online edition. This is strictly the print version which carried this story.

We will of course, update this as more information becomes available. Indeed, I hope this is a hoax. If it is true that the UK actively works to keep the people of England selectively ignorant for whatever ostensibly noble sounding reason, there may well be a certain tree that needs watering with a certain liquid from free men and tyrants in the U.K.


According to a Vladtepes source in the UK:

The Muslims attacked (the pub) twice, the first time they were beaten off, but they returned.  The police make no arrests and just harassed the local (non ‘Asian’) Brits.

And now this:

Fears of more violence prompt march ban in Luton:

‘We had no alternative’ say police and councilRiot: How the May 'anti-extremism' event turned out

View Gallery Published Date: 21 August 200

‘We had no alternative’ say police and council

The Home Office has issued a ban on any unofficial marches taking place in Luton for the next three months.

The ban was granted to Beds Police and Luton Borough Council, who feared a planned ‘anti-extremism’ march on September 19 would mean a repeat of violent scenes from earlier in the year.

Several ‘marches’ have taken place in Luton in response to disruption caused by Islamic extremists at the homecoming parade for the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Anglian Regiment, nicknamed the Poachers, on March 10.

The most recent, in May, saw protestors clash with police and cause damage to cars and a takeaway shop. A man was also assaulted.

The ban, granted under the Public Order Act, prohibits “any procession or march involving members or supporters of, but not limited to, the English Defence League, UK Casuals United, March For England and United People of Luton” from marching in the town without having made a formal application to Luton Borough Council.

The English Defence League is behind the September 19 event, postponed from the August Bank Holiday weekend, but they have not applied for permission to hold the event.

The league’s members want to march in protest at the fact that Luton was not included in the battalion’s ‘All the 4s’ 10-day charity march through several towns and cities, which ends in Hertford on Sunday.

Chief Superintendent Andy Frost, Divisional Commander for Luton, said a significant police presence would be in place to uphold the ban, adding: “The risk the proposed marches pose to public safety has left us with no alternative but to apply for a banning order.”

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  1. I’d like to see a bunch of “Asian” youths come into a pub in Aberdeen and try that. There would be blood everywhere, all right.

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