3 Replies to “Guy getting to know modern technology: FAIL”

  1. I humanly find this Video very unpolite and unsensitive: poor Man! I mean: if one does not know Authomatic Doors, well, it is not Something to feel ashamed for. On the other Hand I thought how much Lack of Compassion “those” People have for Others, being totally brainwashed by their – Sadist – “holy” Book (Books), that’s why I did not feel Sorry for that Man Anymore. As much as that. I do not know What about (Reactions of) Others. [Mainly: humanly I feel very Sorry for the Man, considering him a Human – not brainwashed – Man].

  2. Persia. Considering he is one who subscribes to a cult bent on enslaving humanity, I would find even more humour if the video was to show him using the same tactic to board a passing train.

  3. HAHAHAH! Love the train thing.
    I am betting its part of the same series where a guy dressed in that usual imam beige cotton evening gown slippers and summer linen cap screws up on a jogging machine, a bicycle, and a bunch of other 40 second comedy bits. I think it’s out of England but not sure where. In any case, my money is on this being staged. Speaking as one who has seen a person walk through glass, many stitches where required. This was almost certainly sugar glass as in the movies. Now, back to the real issue. Islam: The greatest threat to Hindu and non Muslim Indians as well as the rest of us world wide since it was the last time in the 16th century.

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