repost: excellent speeches on women and Islam

(repost from the first month of Vlad’s existence)

Warning, this video, while it contains no graphic images, I found harder to watch than most of the sensational videos showing violence. Perhaps this is from too much TV that made us all think the 9-11 attacks had to be faked… at first…

These women details many specific cases of typical abuse of women in the Islamic world as well as many very specific cases from Saudi Arabia to Dallas Texas. I am somewhat pleased that women are now speaking up about this. I have often wondered where the feminists are on Islam, the most salient issue concerning women in the world today, often seem to be in hiding.

This video also features a speech by Dr. Wafa Sultan, one of my growing list of heroes from the Islamic world. Noni Darwish and others give personal and horrifying accounts of life for women under Islam and its shariah law. Please watch but many of you should have a kleenex handy and remember, this is happening HERE. All over the western world now.


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