Daniel Hannan speaks on US trends under Obama.

Vladtepesblog actively seeks not to be partisan as the issues of irrational leftism and Islam are, or at least should be, non partisan and of equal concern to all. Now and again however, a president or a party will make decisions which are in conflict with the basic principles VLadtepesblog seeks to defend.

Daniel Hannan, one of the world’s few politicians who is worth hearing all that they say, perhaps along with the Czech Republic’s Vaclav Klaus, speaks critically for the first time of the USA.

For an interesting look at the Canadian experience with public health, please see the quirky film, ‘The Barbarian Invasion‘ which deals with a component of this issue which Daniel does not mention. That of union take over of health care, resulting in massive cost increases and decrease in service as well as corruption.

h/t jdamn and kitmanTV

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