‘Asian Invasion’ hammers British teenager

In 2006, fifteen year old Henry Webster, a pupil at Ridgeway school in Wroughton was repeatedly punched, kicked and hit with a claw hammer in a racially motivated attack. Webster was left with a fractured skull and suffers brain damage. Now eighteen, he seeks compensation from the school claiming they were negligent in maintaining discipline in dealing with racial tensions. Of course the school denies any responsibility. The perpetrators of the crime were described as ” disaffected Asian pupils” and were convicted last year in a London court. Here’s my description:

Thirteen Muslim, racist, criminal fuckwits brutally attack Henry Webster with the intent to kill because he is a white, non-Muslim. Dhimmitude to blame.

From the Telegraph, U.K.

Teenager beaten by ‘disaffected Asian pupils’ in racist attack

A 15-year-old student was subjected to a racist hammer attack which left him brain damaged because his school had failed to properly discipline “disaffected Asian pupils”, a court heard.

By Richard Savill
Published: 3:36PM BST 17 Aug 2009

Henry Webster with his mother: Boy attacked with claw hammer in playground sues school for £1million

Henry Webster with his mother Photo: CHRISTOPHER JONES

The secondary school had created a “culture of racist bullying and harassment”, it was claimed.

Henry Webster, who is now 18, suffered a fractured skull after he was repeatedly punched, kicked and hit with the sharp end of a claw hammer by a gang of Asian pupils.

Thirteen teenagers, and a man who did not attend the 1,400-pupil Ridgeway School in Wroughton, near Swindon, Wilts, were convicted of the attack at Bristol Crown Court last year.

Mr Webster is seeking compensation from the school, claiming there was a negligent failure to maintain proper discipline and deal with racial tension.

His counsel Robert Glancy, QC, told the High Court in London that the “undue indulgence and leniency” towards disaffected Asian pupils created an “obvious risk of racial violence”.

Mr Glancy added: “We say there was a failure to provide security at the school and to prevent intrusion by trespassers.

“There was also a failure to supervise the tennis courts exit from the school and a failure to impose and maintain adequate disciplinary standards, including control of the group of pupils known as ‘Asian Invasion’.

“There was a failure to deal with racial tensions and incidents, or to promote good relations between different racial groups.

“The pattern of events over several years led to the inhuman and degrading treatment of Henry and a breach of his human rights.

“They should at least have put up a security fence, as they did almost immediately after the attack on Henry.

“We say that the net effect of all this led to the incident in January 2007.”

Ronald Walker QC, for the school, denied liability, pointing out the attack took place outside school hours. He said nothing could have been done to prevent it.

Mr Walker said the school’s responsibility was to discipline pupils, not outside adults, and arguments that laxity in enforcing school rules contributed to the attack, were “fanciful” and “implausible”.

If Mr Webster wins his case, he could receive seven-figure compensation.

His younger brother Joseph, his mother Elizabeth, and his step-father Roger Durnford, who each say they were left deeply traumatised by witnessing Mr Webster suffering with his injuries, are also seeking damages.

A full High Court hearing is due to start on Oct 19.

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