‘Jihad Shielas’ showing that Islam really is for psychopaths

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These women love the ‘clay pot’ logical fallacy. “I never borrowed your clay pot and it was broken when I got it.” It is their defence for nearly every time they are caught working with the enemies of Western Civilization.

It is also critical to understand what she and other Muslims mean when they say “Defend Islam with my life.” It means enforce Islam’s laws customs rules and edicts on us as Islam commands. Islam has many examples of lingusistic slight of hand and these women use them all. ‘Defence’ means attack you if you stop us from ruling you. ‘Innocent’ means a Muslim and ‘Guilty’ means an infidel. ‘Peace’ means we agree not to attack you until we have a strategic advantage and so on. This documentary is made from the perspective of these two Muslim converts. So stop it now and again and think about what you hear and see from these women. It’s like the old joke:

‘How do you know XXX is lying? Her lips are moving.’

In this case, its a studied practiced and codified system of fooling the non Muslim in order to rule them dating back to the time of Mohamed. Even Thomas Jefferson was taken in by a fake ‘peace treaty’ one in English, and the other not and the two treaties said radically different things.

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  1. In other Words: the useful Idiot. How silly this Woman is. Like to fuck with a Black? Well, no need to turn to Islam. Or well: yes, there is the need to do so. Shortly: she had the Priviledge to grow up in an open Minded and Hearted Culture, then she put herself into Islam, because this avoid her to think and reason, while, on the other Hand, allows her to marry and fuck and have Children and all the Rest, worthing a half of a Man included. And she had a Mother which rised 5 Children alone? How comes this Woman believes in a silly Doctrine which considers Women less valuable than Men? And I recognize in her the Indoctination about “the Beauty of Africa”, diffused in the West since many Years ago, where no one talks about the Violation of Human/Women’s/Children’s Rights there is in Africa. Shame on a so priviledged and at the same Time so silly Society, like the Western one, represented by such Idiots, like the Woman in the Video. Fuck well Lady, and why not, give Birth to another Bunch of Creatures, from another Bunch of Men ….

  2. Well said Persia, too bad I didn’t understand any of it. Anyway, the Sheilas obviously are mentally unstable. Islam is a political ideology which uses religion as a conduit for it’s advancement through jihad. The dinner scene was probably the most telling and insightful insofar as how we still, after 14 centuries, consider this death cult a legitimate ‘religion’.

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