British police are now the useless uniformed wing of New Labour

Community police forceFrom Mail Online…Our useless and complacent police can now see their doom staring them in the face.

The people of a Southampton suburb have clubbed together to hire private security men to do what the modern police ‘services’ refuse to do – patrol the streets.

As one resident of the area said: ‘We do see the police now and again round here but they are always busy with other things.’

And so they are. This week we learned that two female police sergeants and a ‘Community Support’ officer had shrouded themselves in Islamic gear, apparently to find out what it was like.

It must have made a change from going round telling people to nail down their possessions and barricade their houses because the police can’t do anything about thieves. Or going on diversity training.

Much better if they had tried living as lonely pensioners on a lawless estate, listening to the jeers of knots of drunk or drugged-up youths smashing bottles against their walls and urinating in their front gardens.

Or how about being really, really adventurous, dressing up as British police officers instead of members of the LAPD, ditching the huge club, the scowl, the pepper spray and the cuffs and going round the towns and cities alone, approachable and on foot?

Forget it. That’s not what the modern police are for. They’re useless for a reason, not by accident.

They have become the uniformed wing of New Labour, not preventing crime or seeing that it is punished – but mediating neutrally between ‘victim’ and ‘offender’ and spying out political incorrectness, in their own ranks and beyond.

Sooner or later, millions of people will catch on to the fact that the police in this country aren’t on their side and don’t want to do what we pay them for. Those who can afford it will hire their own protection. Everyone else will just suffer.

The three main political parties will do nothing.

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  1. I see that David McLean, founder of Atraks, has been cleared by the Court of Appeal for impersonating a police officer. The police were certainly keen enough to get him off the streets and did their upmost to prosecute him for “impersonating a police officer.” McLean, however, won his case in the end because there were no ‘POLICE’ markings anywhere on his uniform, and he did not at any time present himself as an officer of the law. The Southampron Constabularly acted purely out of protectionism and do not want security companies, no matter how professional they are, to patrol neighbourhoods. However, if the residents of Shirley are so concerned about their safety by hiring a security service to patrol the streets, then surely the police should be looking at the reason they are losing the confidence of the community.

    Bill Gibbons

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