Short video on use of kidnapped children as soldiers and terrorists

From Global, and The National Post:

Short piece on use of kidnapped children as suicide bombers and soldiers for Islamic terror. Really, what is it going to take before moronic western people begin to understand that Islam is not some weird form of Christianity. Islam is a psychotically violent,  mysoginistic, hateful ideology which intends, and actually may, take over the world.

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  1. Next they’ll be taking a page from al-Queda in Iraq and Hamas and forcing women who’ve dishonored their families to kill themselves for redemption, taking as many of “the enemies of Allah” with them as possible.

  2. I can hardly contain myself after reading only a few of the stories on this website. I just am so completely angered that Mr. Obama is actually befriending our enemies and distancing us from our friends. I see it very simply.
    If someone hates us and wants to kill us, he apologizes to them. If someone has helped us, and has given us cooperation, he makes demands on them, and gives them orders like they are in his army.
    Is this man a Muslim? Is that why he is afraid to show his birth certificate, because it will definitively state that he is a Muslim, or that he was born in a foreign country? Is that also why he cannot find his elementary school rcords? Is that why he can’t find his parents’ marriage papers? Is that why he can’t find his parents’ divorce papers?
    Is his being Muslim. the reason he bowed at a 90 degree right angle to King Abdullah who pays for children’s textbooks that teach hate, death, suicide and violence? Isn’t that the same King Abdullah that has 3,100 political prisoners for over four years while Mr. Obama runs around against waterboarding?

  3. I do not support the abuse or oppression of ANY people, but I am not so sure I understand what this has to do with Obama’s birth certificate. Even sane longtime political conservatives say the birth cert issue is ridiculous.
    And I know I would have trouble locating my parents’ marriage papers. They are not my legal responsibility and have no bearing on my citizenship, taxes, anything. Why is Obama responsible for his parents’ papers???
    Elementary school records! Once you graduate, who needs them! I sure could not locate mine on a moments notice…but my college diploma is copied and framed.

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