Explosives cache explodes in Pakistani religious school.

This story is actually a few days old now. From July 15th. I had it when it was fresh as news but “Explosives found in – accidentally explode at – connected to – Immam – Mosque – Islamic house of worship – Islamic seminary – Islamic anything, well frankly it barely qualifies as news in the usual sense….

Fleas found on stray dog! Dog also thought to have worms.

You get the idea. That and quite frankly, it is depressing as hell to repost news about the number of people murdered, the uninvolved, accidentally or not by Islam and it’s adherents on a daily basis. It gets hard to keep posting this stuff as it is getting worse overall and not better. Even if some small gains are made in Swat, Egypt gets worse and worse as is Bagdad and Eastern Europe etc.

However I feel I should post it on the odd chance that one of the few thousand people a day who grace the pages of VTB may not actually know that Islam is more a veneer of religion over a violent thuggish form of organized crime with the purpose of global manifest destiny. Details below:


Explosion Kills 17 in Eastern Pakistan

By VOA News
13 July 2009


At least 17 people, including seven children, were killed and more than 70 others wounded in an explosion Monday at a home used for religious education in Pakistan’s Punjab province.

Officials in the Mian Channu area said they believe the blast, which also flattened more than 20 nearby houses, was caused by a cache of explosives stored in the house.

They said the rescuers were trying to recover people still trapped in the rubble.

The house belongs to a Muslim cleric who has been accused of recruiting fighters for a banned militant group.

It is unclear what triggered the blast, but local police searching through the debris say they found rocket launchers, grenades, and several suicide-bomber jackets.

Pakistani Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani condemned the blast and ordered an inquiry into the incident.

Some information for this report was provided by Bloomberg and Reuters.

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  1. I enjoy VTB though i do get tired, frustrated and angry over all the shait Islam does. But it is important work since the domestic news turn the blind eye to it, probably to save the innocent public from the horrors of Islam in a big brother manner. I must stress that even the right wing media avoids the issue, the very one that is supposed expose the totalitarian and intolerant. What i react on most in the comment before the article is the mention of Eastern Europe. I dont know anything about Islam in Eastern Europe, besides the fact that 10-15% of russians are muslims. Please put some light on this. VTB, i think you are a lifesavier, peace.

  2. Thank you Arto. I will try and do a decent post about Islam in E Europe at some point soon. It is a very large subject as in fact one could argue that short of the Islamic brotherhood in Egypt the modern Jihad was born in East Europe and the Caucasus as well as other parts of Russia’s near far. The Chechens are just one example. There is one former Soviet nation where near daily gun battles happen in the capitol city between Islamists and the actual agents of the state. We most certainly are in a world war at this time with more theaters of operations than WW2. Also like WW2 it can be said to be a battle between civilization and forces of dark dark oppression and against liberalism. Kosovo, Albania each have large Islamist training centers with armies at the ready. The Serbs may actually have been the right horse to back as they where up till Clinton the Ist. The KLA where officially a terrorist group until Bill decided to make NATO the KLA air force.
    Ill try and do some research and post some of this material more formally next week. It would be a good project for me anyway. I am relialy informed there are a few truly excellent books on this exact subject. I have spoken personally to many who live in Bosnia and other Balkan states who have told me a lot of stories of near Al Queda or related training camps and there are web sites where you can watch countless videos of Muslims in E Europe in uniform and marching chanting the usual Meca Leca Hi Meca hieni Ho or whatever it is these morons chant when they suffer from blood lust.

  3. “Islamic anything, well frankly it barely qualifies as news in the usual sense….

    Fleas found on stray dog! Dog also thought to have worms.”

    That made it worth rereading a story that I’d previously seen elsewhere. The analogy is simply brilliant.

    And, speaking of dogs, and children being exploited, hurt and murdered by mahoundians, here’s a comment from Jihadwatch by that monarch of wit nicknamed Duh_Swami, with whom most frequent JW and Islam-Watch readers might be familiar:


    “Most animals protect their young…which means that most animals are
    smarter than some people.
    A recent study I read about suggests that animals know the difference
    between right and wrong, and justice and injustice. I already had
    found that to be true in the case of dogs….Dogs have a better grasp
    of ‘right and wrong’, than do Mahoundians…The reason…Dogs don’t
    read the Quran…”

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