Gang leader gets life for killing Parisian Jew

muslim barbarianAnother Muslim that says, “Screw that religion of peace crap. Let’s kill us some Jews.”

Youssouf Fofana has been sentenced to life in prison for the brutal murder of a 23-year-old Jewish man in 2006. Another 26 members of the so-called Gang of Barbarians were also charged in connection with the crime – 24 received jail sentences. Emma Jane Kirby has been following the 10-week trial.

On 29 April gang leader Youssouf Fofana, 28, took his seat in court, smiling defiantly and declaring: “Allah would be victorious.”

After more than two months of closed-door hearings, Mr Fofana, rejecting any help from lawyers, was allowed to express his opinion in court for the last time.

“It’s better to live like a lion for one day than to live like a sheep for 100,” he declared.

Mr Fofana, a gang leader from just outside Paris, stood accused of the murder of Ilan Halimi, a young Jewish man who worked in a mobile phone shop.

It was alleged that Mr Fofana instructed a female gang member to lure Mr Halimi into an empty apartment in Bagneux, where he was attacked, beaten and drugged.


Mr Fofana is said to have targeted Mr Halimi because he believed that “Jews are loaded”.

During his three-week ordeal, Mr Halimi’s family were sent harrowing images and video recordings by his captors who demanded a ransom of 450,000 euros ($600,000; £405,000) for his release.

The victim was eventually found naked and tied to a tree near a railway. He had been stabbed and set alight. He died on his way to hospital.

Mr Halimi’s distraught mother had asked for this trial to be held in public.

But because some of the 26 people accused of participating in this crime were minors, proceedings have been held behind closed doors.

More than 160 witnesses have given evidence and 50 experts have testified during the trial.

The French-born son of immigrants from Ivory Coast, Mr Fofana was the only member of the Barbarians gang facing a life sentence if found guilty.

He was charged with kidnap, torture, premeditated murder and anti-Semitism.

The other gang members – young men and women – were accused of a variety of crimes, including entrapment, kidnap and failing to assist a person in peril.

All insisted that Mr Fofana had promised to release his victim when Mr Halimi’s father failed to deliver a ransom. They claimed they did not know their self-proclaimed leader would take the crime so far.

The lawyer for Mr Halimi’s family, Francis Szpiner, claimed the other gang members played a huge role in the crime and should be punished accordingly.


Prosecutors described Mr Fofana as “a perverted, immature megalomaniac”.

After Mr Halimi’s death, he fled to Ivory Coast where he is reported to have made death threats by telephone to Mr Halimi’s family.

He was extradited to France in March 2006 and initially admitted murder. But since then he has repeatedly changed his plea, and his legal team.

He has also bombarded the magistrates investigating the case with letters full of anti-Semitic insults.

In court he tried repeatedly to justify his actions by citing “the suffering of the Palestinians and Africa”.

But lawyers claimed Mr Fofana has a fuzzy knowledge of the Muslim faith. He was unable to explain the difference between a Sunni and Shia Muslim and could not recite verses from the Koran.

Expelled from court in June for throwing his shoes at lawyers, Mr Fofana has often refused to answer questions.

But 24 days into his trial, he was asked about the fatal blows that Mr Halimi suffered and he yelled: “Yes, it’s me that did it! You know very well that I did it!”

At the start of proceedings, Mr Fofana was required by the court to give his birth date.

He declared that he was born on 13 February 2006 in Sainte Genevieve des Bois – the date and place of Mr Halimi’s death.

Anti-Semitic motive?

Critics say police initially ignored evidence of anti-Semitic motives in the killing, but the Halimi family’s lawyer insists the anti-Semitic motive is indisputable.

Many in France’s Jewish community – the largest in Western Europe – say there has been a rise in anti-Semitism among disaffected Muslim youths of Arab and African origin since a Palestinian uprising started in late 2000.

But Michel Wieviorka, the author of a book on anti-Semitism in France, says the motive for the murder was money first.

“Anti-Semitism added to what happened,” he told journalists at the start of the trial.

“Initially it wasn’t about expressing hatred of Jews… the target was a Jewish man because Jews are supposed to have money and are believed to look after their own, so they’ll pay up.”

The case has come to symbolise not only a rise in anti-Semitic violence in Paris’ poor and multi-ethnic suburbs, but also the power of local gangs in the Parisian sink estates.

Lawyers for some of the gang members who are accused of failing to report the crime have defended their clients’ silence by telling the court that the “law of the estates is that you just don’t snitch”. It’s not enough they want the law of Islam taken into account. Now they want the code of criminals to be acknowledged.

These are estates, the defence lawyers insisted, that have been forgotten by France, but each gang member living there looks out for the next.

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  1. “In court he tried repeatedly to justify his actions by citing “the suffering of the ‘Palestinians’ (A-rab squatters) and Africa.”

    How the “suffering of the A-rab squatters and Africa” could remotely have anything to do with Israel or Jews, that’s a question that only the delirious creations and fantasies derived from the utterly bizarre mahoundian thinking-universe; that realm where nonsense, insh’allah-fatalism and conspiracy theories abound like humidity in the rain forest, and which is diametrically-opposite our own Western thinking universe in every conceivable way; a place whose epistemology could very well make it not too far-fetched to say that only basic sensations like hunger, thirst and physical pain are commonly shared between us and them. If saying that might sound too extreme to anyone who wants to dispute these assertions, that could only mean they’ve never read Mein Qurampf, or seen a single article or videoclip from Or, still, that they’re just mahoundians who fail to see how deeply buried in camel dung their brains really are.

    Isn’t Israel the only place in the Middle East and North Africa where black mahoundians from Darfur are treated like human beings, and not as “chocolata, africaca (African shit) and abd/abed (slave/slaves)”; as such refugees living in Israel described the monikers used by their own fellow A-rab mahoundians in Egypt to refer to them, according to The Economist? It seems to me that Israelis aren’t truly the ones responsible for all that suffering in Africa, they’re actually helping assuage the consequences of Scumbag Fofana’s beloved mahoundianism.

    Aren’t there volunteer doctors from Israel near the Kenyan border with Somalia actually treating mahoundians fleeing south, due to the carnage and the chaos created in their home country by their own fellow mahoundians? Again, here’s Israelis altruistically minimizing chaos and carnage which are just all one can expect when “the best of peoples”, according to Mein Qurampf, decide to impose on any spot in this world rules and living conditions that would suit allah’s/mahound’s definitions of “pleasant” and “peaceful”; as is the case in Porkistan’s Swat Valley, in Iraq when American troops aren’t around to prevent Shiites and Sunnis from blowing each other to bits, in Taliban-controlled areas in Afghanistan; and as it will be the case when Saudi Arabia will be once the oil runs out. As a side note on this last paragraph, if one doesn’t seem to understand how bodyparts scattered all over the streets; blown-up cars, business and houses; limb-chopping and beheadings could be regarded as pleasant and peaceful things, they’ve just got their first lesson on what the mahoundian/A-rab thinking universe I’ve previosuly referred to is like.

    And don’t get me started on the Israeli inventions that mahoundian primitive swines are more than happy to use to lessen the effects of their own savagery in their lives, from water-desalinators to camera phones (those they love to use to make their own jihad-recruiting videos); and which could never have been the product of their absolutely inferior bedouin culture, where intellectual progress is perennially held back by the “utter certainty” of “allah t’allah”, or “allah (mahound’s imaginary alter-ego) knows best”; that oh-so-repulsively-fallacious line that closes most e-fatwas on the website Islam Q&A.

    But, if one wants to refer to restrictions that the Israelis have imposed on the A-rab squatters illegally occupying Gaza and the West Bank as “the suffering of the Palestinians”, which are meant to increase their country’s chances of survival amidst its blood-thirsty enemies, which (not who) want nothing short of its complete obliteration through terrorist attacks or an all-out war, an Israeli national suicide would only be something fair to demand of the Jewish state if one’s mind inhabit that sick, twisted and bizarre A-rab/mahoundian thinking universe. Good thing Israel’s current government knows better than to give its enemies any hint that it might acquiesce in their demands, and that the fear of its superior military might is the only thing that can keep those bedouin savages at bay; for they know that if they ask for it, Israel will use that power to talk to them in the only language that has ever gotten anything through their made-deficient-through-inbreeding-and-lack-of-use pea brains: violence and defeat in combat.

    May Scumbag Fofana cry like the defenseless little girls violated by gangs of his fellow slaves of allah (the imaginary) every time he’s reminded that now he’s a prison bitch. He has earned his fate, though he sure deserves to pay a higher price and suffer a lot more for what he did.

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