Somali Muslims throw rocks at gay people. In Minneapolis

Sooner or later people of the non Islamic world, you are going to have to make choices about what values you hold. Not making those choices or not fighting for the ones you have, is a choice. Remember that when they are throwing rocks at you. Do not imagine for a second this will end with homosexuals, Jews Christians, athiests, Hindus, Buddhists or women in public without full cover and a male owner. Sooner or later this will happen to you.

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  1. Here’s a typically PC-MC analysis of what the anti-homosexual side of the mahoundian declaration of war against civilization and the human race, known as jihad, is truly all about:

    “These are American kids, born and bred here though their parents are from Somalia. It is sad when you try to correct but at the same time doing the bashing and the hate mongering. Again these are American kids since they were born here.”

    American kids, huh? I found this gem of mahoundian-loving leftarded lines at the address below:

    There are more reality-denying and MC-PC comments where the one I’ve reproduced here came from.

  2. Andy its called ‘FIDO’ or F.I.D.O. Police all over the western world have adopted this unofficial but well observed policy. When they see people other than white males committing a brutal violent crime or rioting they tend to isolate the area if its large like a riot or ignore it altogether if it is not. The reason? because if and when they interfere with black people or those perceived as a minority whether they technically are one or not committing a violent crime, they, the police, tend to get taken to court and even if exonerated of any wrong doing, and usually they are not, the process itself is so punitive that police have learned to ‘FUCK IT AND DRIVE ON’. Seriously. Police have confessed to this privately and in public interviews even if they refer to it as “Ef it and drive on” but the policy typically is called Fido. We can thank the Al Sharptons of the world for this one. I suppose the police must get a giggle when they see one protected minority attacking another one who perhaps in a way are part of the cause of policies like FIDO although I cant think of a case where gay lobbyists brought police to court for actions against them. Even so the point stands. Once you start giving any group special rights over the general public you get what we have in the video, and that I am absolutly certain is merely the very beginning.

  3. In Toronto we have the pro-pedohile display every year during the gay Parade where the Police and our American/MBA/Harvard/Wiz-kid Mayor David Miller take part in this Child-abuse/pedophilia event by failing to stop the naked men flaunting their penis to little boys on the parade route.

    Since the Anti-West Gay/Muslim alliance was created it has caused a really odd paradoxical-irony , the Gay-Muslim or Muslims in general can’t denounce the pedophilia in the parade because theirown Prophet raped a little girl which Muhammed blamed on Allah because Aisha was his Gift from Allah as a good servant spreading the Peaceful/Loving Islam to obey or be killed as the enemy of Allah.
    The Toronto Police are ordered by our American Mayor to not arrest any Pedophiles exposing themselves to kids in public during the Pride parade , and THIS has set the stage for any NAMBLA yahoo to come to Toronto and join in the Nudity since the Pride management also refuse to stop the pedophilia .
    The mayor of Toronto also allow the Police to overlook the Child-abuse done by Tamils during a protest where they used the kids as human-shields to attack the Police and barge onto a major Highway to shut down commerce and cut off the access to DownTown Hospitals.
    The Tamil-Tiger supporters taunted the Police as to prevoke a response and then Video tape it for propaganda , but it didn’t work, so they faked a head injury to make a protester bleed and then took pictures near the
    police line to infer the Police hate tamils and that canada is pro-Sri lanka.

    These gutless Politicians are going to get us killed by their sellective enforement of the laws on only certain Citizens they know won’t resort to Suicide-Bombings or Terrorism on our soil.
    make sure you keep a list of the Political weasels who have sided with the Terrorists so you will know which people to not rescue when the beheadings start on our soil.

  4. “These gutless Politicians are going to get us killed by their selective enforcement of the laws on only certain Citizens they know won’t resort to Suicide-Bombings or Terrorism on our soil.”
    I felt this bore repeating as its of massive importance. Selective enforcement is the middle of the slippery slope to barbarism and horror and the end of civilization. You may want to check out the new web site as it evolves for this purpose.

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