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2 Replies to “A short video on how to become a Muslim”

  1. A Mein-Qurampf barbecue… That’s the only good thing I’ve seen Fred Phelps do in his life.

    Bu the way, I think I’ve probably made this point before, but doesn’t mahound (regardless of whether or not he ever existed, since mahoundians do believe he did) make dirtbag Fred Phelps look like Buddha? Since leftards the world over have a nearly unanimously negative, to say the least, opinion of Phelps, how could they possibly square this timeless truth with their love of mahoundians/mahound/mahoundianism?

  2. By the way, the Fred Phelps video featuring the aforementioned barbecue can be found on GoogleVideo. I should have mentioned that in my previous post.

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