How to create racial hatred and tear apart a civilization.

Once again the left in the UK as it does all over the world lead the world in fomenting racial hatred and sowing the seeds of violence and contempt where little or none may have existed before. I will credit the politically correct and what I call ‘irrational leftists’ for one thing though. Stunning consistency. Near complete inability to see their own hypocracy. The left, always claiming the right is racist and always claiming they are the solution to racism are always the ones implenting actual systemic racism such as afirmative action etc. Policies set into law where race is a factor to discriminate against someone. Yes they frame it as discriminate for a given race but that is mere slight of hand. You cannot discriminate for without discriminating against. There is no difference here.

Now we have a case in the UK where government medical services are instructed to prioritize for Gypsies. One can be certain that millions will now come to loath the Romani people who previoiusly had no opinion at all on them as a group and millions more will have any positive feelings they may have had shift somewhat the other way. The UK like the US and other western nations continue to operate on a blueprint to create the perfect storm of racism contempt and hatred where little or none existed before nor needed to, and what may have been there, will be immesurably small compared to what will result from policies such as these:

From The Daily Mail UK:

Want to see a GP? Gipsies come first as NHS tells doctors that travellers must be seen at once

Gipsies and travellers should be given priority in NHS hospitals and GP surgeries, doctors have been told.

They will be fast-tracked for doctors, nurses and even some dentist appointments above all other patients.

GPs have also been told to see any travellers who simply walk in without an appointment, even if all consultation times for the day are full.
Who's jumping the queue? Waiting in line to see a GPWait for it: GPs have been told to see any travellers who simply walk in – even if all consultation times for the day are full. They will also be fast-tracked for nurses and dental appointments
They will also be given longer consultations than other patients. Five or ten minutes is the average but travellers will be given 20 minutes and allowed to bring relatives into the consulting rooms.

Staff will be given ‘mandatory cultural awareness’ training so they can fully understand what it is like to be a traveller or gipsy.

It raises the prospect that other patients will suffer worse healthcare and have to wait even longer to see their GP.

The guidelines have been introduced because, under race laws, gipsies and travellers are defined as minority ethnic groups and the NHS is obliged to consider their special needs and circumstances.

Yet no special treatment is promised for other groups such as those from the Asian sub-continent or .

The guidance also encourages Primary Care Trusts to establish new services for travellers if none exist, and to designate a senior manager to be a named lead for ‘Gipsy and Traveller Health’.

The rules form part of the Primary Care Service Framework, drawn up by the NHS Primary Care Commissioning – an advisory service for local health trusts – to help all PCTs understand the Department of Health’s policy.
gypsy health.jpg
It will go on trial for between three and five years, Although PCTs do not necessarily have to follow the guidelines, they could be breaking human rights law and the Race Relations Act of 2000 if they do not.

Groups covered by the framework include Scottish gipsy travellers, Welsh gipsies, bargees, circus and fairground showmen and new travellers.

Tory health spokesman said: ‘No one should get priority treatment in the NHS apart from our Armed Forces, to whom we owe a special debt of gratitude.

‘Decisions about who should be treated first should be based on a patient’s medical needs, not their ethnic group.

‘NHS managers need to get off doctors’ and nurses’ backs and start letting them get on with what they do best – looking after sick people.

‘Such a policy of fast-tracking one section of society over another goes against the founding principles of the NHS.

Labour’s botched handling of the new GP contracts and obsession with a tick-box target culture in the NHS mean many people find it difficult to get a GP appointment quickly.

‘Families will feel aggrieved that it will now be even harder.’

Mark Wallace, from the Tax-Payers’ Alliance, said: ‘This kind of special treatment is totally uncalled-for and utterly unjustified.

‘The NHS is meant to treat people equally so matter who they are or whatever their race.
Gypsy and travellersGroups covered by the framework include Scottish gipsy travellers, Welsh gipsies, bargees, circus and fairground showmen and new travellers
‘The only priority should be how ill someone is, not their politically-correct concerns.

‘This will be incredibly frustrating for people who have paid tax all their lives to fund the NHS and are left struggling to get a doctor’s appointment and prompt treatment. H

‘Hardworking people will be outraged at this double standard.’

The NHS estimates there are 120,000 to 300,000 gipsies and travellers in the UK but there are no firm numbers as the census does not include them as a category.

Traveller spokesman Gratton Puxon, from the illegal camp at Crays Hill in Essex, welcomed the initiative.

He said: ‘The problem stems from years ago when there was simply no access to healthcare, but things have greatly improved. Health workers visit the site quite regularly if people have chronic problems.’

The Department of Health said: ‘We are aware that gipsies and travellers have experienced tremendous difficulties in accessing primary care.

‘Partly as a result, community members experience the worst health inequalities of any disadvantaged group.

‘The framework suggests fast-tracking for two reasons. First, as a matter of urgency, inroads need to be made into the health problems of gipsies and travellers.

‘Second, if mobile community members are not seen quickly, the opportunity could be lost as they move on or are moved on. This should not be to the detriment of service provision to the settled community.’

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7 Replies to “How to create racial hatred and tear apart a civilization.”

  1. this is rediculous…it doesnt matter where or how you live in this country, you should have to make an appointment to see a doctor like everybody else…but if you are foreign, you should get ya credit card out and pay for the doctors you see because our taxpayers money shouldnt pay for foriegn sickness.

  2. If I lived in the UK and started demanding a constitutional amendment banning discriminatory law-enforcement, to prevent anti-domestic-violence laws from not being strictly enforced, for example; or demanding that no discrimination of any kind on the basis of gender be allowed, so that Rowan Williams’ beloved sharia courts would become unconstitutional, I’d probably get a big f*** off from all sides of the PC crowd, despite the fact that the purpose of such demands would be to make women’s rights something to be enjoyed by all British women.

  3. This is right in line with the Scottish police being told that an assault against a Muslim takes precedent over the assault of any other Briton.

  4. I would like the public to know that we, the British Romany people, have never asked for special treatment and whats more we dont it. We, for once, are in agreement with everyone else when we say we would like equal treatment. We do , however, appreciate that the NHS has recgonised that we suffer the worse health of any of the disadvantaged groups in Britain and we can expect to live 10-12 years less than the rest of the general public. But, by giving us preferencial treatment will only make people hate us more than they allready do. we dont special treatment, we just want treatment, which up until now many of us have been denied.

  5. Lizzie thank you for posting that here. I am sure you are right. As to worst health, that could be a lifestyle thing in which case, decisions have to be made about the Rom traditional lifestyle. Reality itself is a function of trade offs between what we risk and what the consequences are. In any case, thank you for posting that. Perhaps the UK Rom. can make some noise and get government to remove this racist and horrible rule guaranteed to direct hatred and derision at the Gypsies.

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