Rather pithy video showing Galloway’s true colors.

Loath as I am to give George Galloway any more publicity than he already has, I feel its important for the sake of turning even one useful idiot against him. When Galloway gave his teleconference in Ottawa Canada he had many useful idiot supporters, some of whom where wealthy over sixty Jewish women in fact, reveling in their rebelliousness. People who had become so consumed with hatred of Bush and all things American they blindly joined forces with all things against it. With elderly Jewish people, there is also the sense that because they appear to be acting against their own interests in an identity politics sort of way, there is a kind of sanctimony in it.

Specifically, if a Jewish person defends Israel’s existence he or she will likely be dismissed by the left, that is any one who has graduated from a western university in the past five years, as simply doing so out of self interest. So Jews who side with illiberal forces such as Galloway get to feel that they are intellectually superior.

They need to know one thing:

Defense of Israel should be done because it is right and just to do it. Because Israel has the best human rights record for all people, women, blacks whites and all religions in the middle east certainly and perhaps in the world. Because Israel has the same right to exist as any other nation on earth and perhaps much more depending on your criteria. It should not matter if you are Jewish or not when you argue the case if indeed you are interested in truth and justice.

In any case Galloway attracts a lot of these types. Perhaps if they all watched this video, one of them may come to understand that it takes more courage to stand up for the truth even when others will accuse you of defending your own interests when really, you are setting yourself up for hatred scorn and derision and very possibly personal danger.

One may notice, this is a common theme of history itself. The truth has always been unfashionable. More often a lethal liability.

Eeyore for Vlad:  (I can’t find the email from whoever sent me these excellent videos but thank you)

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  1. “Because Israel has the best human rights record for all people, women, blacks whites and all religions in the middle east certainly and perhaps in the world.”

    Yep, and let’s not forget to bring up once again that Israel is the only Middle-Eastern countries where blacks are regarded as HUMAN BEINGS. Rev. Jeremiah Wrong, Jesse Jackson and your average Israel-hating, sharia-loving leftards should try to get this through their airheads. Bashing Israel or advocating its destruction, as far as blacks are concerned, is just like supporting Jim Crow. Leftists should be confronted more often with this timeless truth…

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