Middle Eastern Gangs Of Australia & The Truth About The Cronulla Riots

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6 Replies to “Middle Eastern Gangs Of Australia & The Truth About The Cronulla Riots”

  1. Glad to be of assistance…
    The assies did have their share of street-jihad. But as with mindanao, mollucas, timor and southern thailand, it ends up in the “far east” category and is rarely reported by msm.
    Here is a list of the best long-form material I have been able to find on australia if you are interested. (I like to dig up this exotic stuff because it tends to take the nazio-phobic atmo out of the discussion)

    Geo-label: australia

  2. well sorry, in the case of australia I guess it doesn t take out the naziophobia…

    After all they are white, and we all know how they really think, don´t we 🙂

  3. excactly!
    Contemplating the number of non-white socialists and non-white nationalists, it really is an interesting scientic fact that only the white race is capable of being national-socialists.

    But that is also the only thing we can, that other races can´t… 🙂

  4. If I lived in Australia, I think the only thing that would have kept me from joining those defending the country against mahoundians, the photos of non-whites participating in the protests notwithstanding, would be the fact that I look like a mahoundian.

    These videos make me think back to a recent post here on VT, the one featuring that “grand mufti of Melbourne” which (yeah, which, not who) compared women who don’t walk around in mahoundian mobile tents to uncovered meat for cats. If anything, I guess Australians won’t just be sitting ducks waiting to see what has happened to Britain and Sweden happen to their own country.

    And since mahoundians living in Australia are only loyal to the Umma, they cannot be referred to as Australians, even if they were born there. They’re seditious foreign invaders who should get the hell out or be dealt with in any other way that should ensure Australia’s survival as a free and democratic, non-mahoundian nation.

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