Gag Order Issued in Army Recruiter Shooting Case

One has to wonder why this case, which has received so little coverage already, will now receive none. I guess the Americans are worried that openly discussing the facts in this case might offend the Muslim community. The same Muslim community that supplied the religious teachings responsible for this American citizen to become a Jihadist. Muhammad’s lawyer will try to convince the courts he was indoctrinated to hate during his two week incarceration in Yemen. When in fact he was turned here in America and went to Yemen to meet, greet and support Jihadist there.

[I would like to add a weird thought of my own. It seems to me that this soldier should get a full military funeral for death in action. Clearly he deserves one and not to give him one would be a crime. However, if he does get one, it would be de facto admission that the USA is at war WITH ISLAM. Now this would make a fool of Obama and waste a lot of time he spent on his reach out to the Muslim world tour, but there seems no way out of this one to me. Eeyore for Vlad]



LITTLE ROCK, Ark. —  A judge has issued a gag order in the capital murder case against the man accused of killing one soldier and wounding another at a military recruiting office in Arkansas.

Judge Alice Lightle issued the order Monday after prosecutors requested it to block court officials and police from discussing the case.

Jim Hensley, attorney for suspect Abdulhakim Muhammad, said last week his client was influenced by hardened terrorists with whom he was jailed in Yemen.

Muhammad allegedly wanted to kill as many soldiers as he could because of harm he believed the military has done to Muslims.

Killed at the west Little Rock office was Army Pvt. William Long of Conway, who had just completed basic training and never saw combat.

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