RCMP uncomfortably close to Canadian Saudi backed Muslims

2009-06-02 08:39 PDTThe RCMP National Security Program in British Columbia is working with its Youth Advisory Council to hold this annual youth conference, Muslims of Tomorrow, with the objective of raising awareness on various issues effecting the Muslim community in Canada.

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Muslims of Tomorrow 2009 is dedicated to the issue of Muslims and the Media. Many in the Muslim community in Canada raise the question of whether the Media is biased against their community. Especially, in the post 9/11 era, there has been a lot of concern amongst Muslims on this issue. The RCMP National Security Youth Advisory Council (BC) has invited prominent journalists and a Muslim scholar as guest speakers for this event hoping to provide a forum for Muslim youth where they can
discuss their concerns on this issue.

In Attendance will be:
Dr. Reda Bedeir – Imam Burnaby Al-Salaam Mosque
Kim Bolan – Vancouver Sun
Terry Milewski – CBC News

Date: Saturday June 13, 2009

Time: 9am-4pm

Location: SFU Surrey Campus
13450 102 Avenue
Surrey, BC

Admission is FREE and includes lunch but registration is required. For more information and to register, please email: muslims.of.tomorrow@gmail.com or call: 604-715-3705.

MOT Poster
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Released by:
Superintendent Lloyde Plante
Assistant Criminal Operations Officer – National Security, E Division

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3 Replies to “RCMP uncomfortably close to Canadian Saudi backed Muslims”

  1. “Muslims of tomorrow…” I hope I’ll live to see the day when the world runs out of oil, and when the West will have seized Mahoundian-owned assets as they did with Nazi-owned during World War II.

    Then we’ll see the “muslims of tomorrow” reaping all the rewards and benefits that mahoundianism bestows upon them: covered in dust, living in caves and dunes, sitting on their rear ends under the scorching heat of the desert sun; yelling “baksheesh” at the sight of those innocent European tourists who, loving to delude themselves into thinking that there is anything remotely exotic about Dar al-Islam, might be visiting those barren crapholes which currently export oil, terrorists and bogus asylum-seekers. And nearly nothing else.

  2. Financial assets, any properties that they might fully or partially own… Anything that could allow them, once their oil stocks run dry, to evade the poverty that they should always have been living in if it weren’t for the West’s addiction to their “liquid ticket out of Somalia.”

    I mentioned seizing those assets because that’s something that Hugh Fitzgerald has suggested many times in his essays, since the Umma has been at war with us for the last 1400 years (though few Western leaders are aware of that, or willing to admit it.)

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