Pajamas TV for June 1 well worth 9 mins 50 seconds of your time

As usual PJTV does a good job of giving us the news the ah, news doesn’t seem to bother with anymore. I can’t help but notice that self funded groups like Pajamas Media and blogs seem to be the ones bringing important information to supposedly free nations while mass media news outlets are censored or self censor any news which may generate a complaint from groups which perpetrate the horrors being reported on. It’s also interesting that many groups are looking after their own security abandoning the notion that the state is using the tax money collected from us all for what it was intended. One begins to wonder of the writ of state itself is losing meaning as leftism and Islam subverts resources of the state leaving all basic requirements of civilization to the individual to fulfill. While the state achieves less and less of what the basic requirements are, the cost of operations continue to go up. There is no formula that can make this sustainable. I would watch the UK and parts of Scandinavia to see where this is likely to go.

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