Study: Turks have little tolerance of diversity

With Obama pushing for Turkey to be accepted into the European Union, lets have a look at which new neighbor Turks will want to get to know.TURKEY-HEADSCARF/

the Ass0ciated Press

A study suggests Turks have low tolerance for diverse lifestyles as three in four respondents said they would not want to live next to an atheist or anyone drinking alcohol.

The study by Istanbul’s Bahcesehir University is meant to gauge radicalism and extremism in Turkey.

Results published in Sunday’s Milliyet newspaper indicate 64 percent of Turks would not want Jewish neighbors, 52 percent would not Christian neighbors, 67 would not want to live next to an unmarried couple and 43 percent would not want American neighbors.

The survey is based on interviews with 1,715 people selected randomly from 34 cities between April 12 and May 3. No margin of error was given.

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