Obama Stimulus: Dead People Get Money


Dead people are receiving stimulus checks from Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior’s stimupork. Boy, this is really going to Trickle Up the economy, isn’t it? The idea must be that dead people spend money from the grave and that money Trickles Up? Is that how it works?






You have to admire the putrid Elitism from Pbama, Herr Biden and all the other Commiecrats. They live the Life of Riley while they demand and insist that average Americans make-do with less and cut back on their lifestyle. This is the whole grand agenda behind Socialism – creating a distinct ruling class run by Marxists who oppress hardworking average Americans.




Don’t you enjoy how Pbama is trying to rush all his Fascist programs in to place?



It’s always a good thing when things are rushed, isn’t it? Why bother to take time to plan things out and make sure they get done correctly? Just rush ahead, eyes closed, fingers crossed and your head up your ass. This is Pbama’s Hope and Change. Isn’t it wonderful?


It’s a good thing something like this didn’t occur under a Republican President and a Republican Congress, because if it had – The Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP) would have (rightfully so) called the Admin “incompetent.”

We won’t hear the Jackboot Pbama Cultists or the ILCP calling their False Prophet and his Admin incompetent. No. Barry would ask his Cultists to eat a shit sandwich – a literal turd between two slices of bread – and they would consume it with a smile on their faces and ask for “seconds.”


    The Social Security Administration recently sent out over 52 million checks in the amount of $250 as part of the stimulus package. Due to a rushed schedule, the US Government ended up sending 8,000 to 10,000 checks to people who have already died.
    In an effort to energize the economy, stimulus checks are being mailed to millions of people. Unfortunately, thousands of the recipients are dead.[…]

    James Hagner, 83, of Orchard Beach, Md., re-ceived a stimulus check for his mother, Rose, who died in 1967. SSA spokesman Mark Lassiter said in a published report that officials rushing to distribute payments didn’t thoroughly review all Social Security records.

    Even though Ms. Hagner hadn’t received a Social Security check since the Johnson administration, the agency didn’t have an official record of her death. Therefore, Mr. Lassiter said her records fell into bureaucratic limbo, and she was sent a stimulus check.

    It is more than a bit unsettling that it takes the government 40 years to figure out that someone died. And since the SSA has already admitted that thousands of other dead people also received checks, one has to question how many other checks that SSA doesn’t know about were sent to the dead. (And who knows how many checks are still to be sent to the unliving.)

    In another case, Antoinette Santopadre of Valley Stream, N.Y., received a $250 stimulus check made out not to her, as expected, but to her father, Romolo Romonini.

    Mr. Romonini, an American citizen who went to Italy in 1933 and returned to the United States once, for a seven-month visit in 1969, died in Italy 34 years ago.

    To make matters even stranger, the SSA later found out that he never even participated in the Social Security system.

    Something more than a little odd is going on here. We all expect the enormous federal bureaucracy to spend money stupidly, but sending millions of dollars to the dead is even more wasteful than the $57,000 spent on gold-embossed playing cards for Air Force Two.


Gold-embossed playing cards on Air Force Two? I guess Herr Biden needs something to occupy his time.


And if, as The Left has said all these years, that Trickle Down doesn’t work, are there any Pbama Cultists who can explain to those of us with functioning brains how Trickle Up is supposed to work? What a pile of pure bullshit.

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