Swiss Muslims teach white people how to do racism the old fashioned way

From Islam in Europe:

“You dirty Whites! Have you no shame?” insulted, derided, ogled and even photographed by mobile phone: about fifteen students of the Ecole de commerce André-Chavanne were caught by a group of people leaving the mosque of the Grand-Saconnex suburb of Geneva. Their crime that they were running in a gym outfit on the athletics track of their school ‘during the hour of prayer’.

The incident caused commotion among students, teachers, parents and even the higher ups of the national education ministry. It caused strong reactions on the part of the mosque. The imam vehemently condemned such acts in his sermon to the believers. Today the good neighborly relationship is back.

On Friday April 3rd, in the early afternoon, the students, about 15 years old, were exercising on the course. A dozen people leaving prayer, found themselves facing them. To return to where they parked they took a shortcut, a newly opened rod which leads to the sports field.

Instead of avoiding passing the track, the men, young and less young, walked right through. They disrupted the race, going through the plastic cones arranged for the exercise. they insulted the students, roughly put them down, took a picture, and blamed them for their shamelessness before leaving.

Shocked, the young gym teacher who trained them notified the school. On April 6th the principal, Roland Jeannet, alerted his superiors and sent a letter to the mosque administration asking them to speak in the next meeting of the mosque and to encourage their believers to more respect.

Roland Jeannet says that the imam responded very well and that the following Friday he dedicated a long part of his sermon to this issue. He’s since received letters from believers denouncing the attitude of these men and fearing for the image of Muslims.

A meeting between the principal, two mosque representative and a police agent took place at the end of April. this reassured the school, which did not lodge a complaint.

The Islamic Cultural Foundation took the incident very seriously. One of the leaders says that Muslims must be an example, particularly in this context, where they’re often blamed.

There has been no previous incident in the area between the mosque and the school, which are close by. However, one of the teachers says that they’re sometimes a little uncomfortable when parking in the area, where hundreds of men come to prayer. A female student at the school says that the girls who run get insistent looks at their chests.

It is possible that the shortcut between the mosque and parking will be closed again.

For a little perspective on ‘Gym class’ in the Muslim world read this: From Phyllis Chesler…

Shoebat confirmed the widespread sexual abuse of both boys and girls in Palestinian society. “It is a strange society. Homosexuality is forbidden but if you’re the penetrator, not the penetrated, it’s okay.” He is describing prison sexuality. “If you’re a teenage boy with no hair on your legs other boys your age will pinch your butt and tease you. Once, I saw a class of clothed teenage boys sexualize their gymnastics exercizes. And once, on a hiking trip, I saw a line of shepherd boys waiting for their turn to sodomize a five year old boy. It was unbelievable.”

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  1. The French-speaking cantons in Switzerland are swarming with Eurabia-enthusiasts, A-rab lovers and advocates of surrender to mahoundianism. This incident is just an example of their reaping what they’ve sown. Just like mahoundian demands for sex-segregated public pools and gym classes, though Swiss judges have, to their credit, recently come out against the former.

    I’d love to see more of that taking place, more mahoundians showing their true colors in Switzerland, so that maybe that country’s ordinary citizens would wake up to what that MC surrender to mahound, so enthusiastically peddled by their FM Micheline Calmy-Rey and her unapologetically anti-Semitic right-hand man and Hamas supporter at the UN, Jean Ziegler, is truly all about.

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