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2 Replies to “Frontline program, ‘Inside the Meltdown’”

  1. In the capitalist system firms which are not viable because of debt are meant to go down,now we see what happens when the idiots who think that anyone can borrow their way out of debt, get their way.The Ford motor company is not going down, their competitors are, BUT the government has propped up the failing companies and will obviously favour them when it comes to government business……..Karl Marx must be rollng over with laughter in his grave.

  2. Barneys Frank ” .. which I do not see..”

    FNM by the numbers
    June 2005 $ 80
    May 2009 $.80

    The real fools are the people in Massachusetts who vote for this buffoon every year and will vote for him every time. He does well every time so we will see this buffoon there for many more years.

    North East liberals ( who sit on bank boards of directors and investment firms) vote for these buffoons; shumer, dodd and frank and then they are set loose to bring the country to financial ruin.

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