Women of the world…..

Dear people of planet Earth who have two X chromosomes,

I have a question for you.  There is a trial going on in Ottawa and many more across the Western world. Grace has written beautifully on it here on Vlad.  The potential exists for a judge in Canada – as judges have now in Germany, England, and many European nations – to accept an argument that reduces the sentence of men who have murdered women in a premeditated fashion for failing to be obedient to tribal codes, and, more accurately, for being autonomous human beings.

To be even more clear, as in Germany and other Western nations, a judge is about to reduce the value of a woman’s life because she failed to be less than a human being. If this Sharia defense is accepted and the sentence is reduced all the gains women have made in law will be not only be destroyed, but also set back centuries and in some Western nations such as England, millenia.

My question is as follows:

Remember when you, XX people, were marching in the streets by the tens of thousands, burning bras for some slight, real or imagined, about equality in the work place, leaving toilet seats up?   How about the annual women’s marches over the Muslim immigrant known as Marc Lepine (whose father was in fact an Algerian Muslim) who shot up a women’s technical school in Montreal because he felt that women had no place doing anything other than servicing men?  (This action, by the way, was nothing less and nothing other than Canada’s first Muslim terrorist act demanding Sharia law).  Women inexplicably marched, trying to gain political advantage over men overall.

Well, here we have a situation which has already happened in Germany, etc., in which women’s lives are to be extinguished or pawned off at the whim of Muslim men and it may well happen here in Canada this month.

Why are you not marching?  Why are you not gathering en masse 24/7 in front of the federal court on Elgin St. with pitchforks and torches demanding that this man not be able to get away with anything other than two counts of first degree murder?

Have women in Canada abandoned all sense of equality before the law where it actually counts: when their very lives are on the line?  Or are you more concerned about not offending the multiculti sensitivities of Afghans, Saudis, and the ‘poor,’ ‘weak,’ ‘oppressed’ 1/6th of the world’s population that controls over a third of its land mass and a disproportionate amount of its oil?

I wish I had the words to express the rage I feel at this time, to have grown up seeing women protesting against every conceivable slight and win the points. Things as absurd and impossible to define as demanding ‘equal pay for work of equal value’ yet failing to make a peep to stop it from being ok to just slaughter women and little girls for picking their own friends and lovers.

I am apoplectic.

Ladies, this is it. If you fail yourselves now, you may have to wait a thousand years before you can begin to worry about whether or not you have a right to sue for sexual harassment at the workplace because the geeky guy in the cubicle next to you asked you out in exactly the manner you wished the hot guy down the hall would. Before you get to concern yourselves over why the city of Ottawa allows men to go topless and women must cover up – a stupid fight, which, by the way, women sort of won (I say sort of because women are in fact now allowed to go topless in Ottawa unless they actually do, as happened at Ottawa football games a few years ago when city council decided Mardis Gras nights where exploiting women and made it illegal again) – you need to fight for your right to bare your face in public, because that’s what Sharia has in store for you, girls.

Ladies, march now or forever be cut into pieces.

Eeyore for Vladtepesblog.com

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  1. eeyore and Grace – very well said. I hope the court does not give us reason to feel betrayed. Perhaps the good ladies at Women Against Sharia will organize something to let the court know we are all watching.

  2. Women in the west have lost the war since they feel that they have one a single battle: relative equality in the workplace. Now, in an effort to appease multicultural sensitivities, they have abandoned the rest of the war; freedom from abuse at the hands of men.

    I live in Canada, where women have gained some safety on the one hand, but lost it on the other. Immigrant women who are abuse are coerced into keeping silent otherwise they may end up dead. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Islamic communities.

    As this blog has shown time and time again, Islam is the root of much of the world’s problems. It is a tremendous group of men whose power is threatened by entering the 21st century. And they are doing everything in their power to keep it, including destroying all who oppose their 7th century values.

    I feel that it is time to enter into battle on as many fronts as possible to ensure that Islam does not conquer the rest of the world. Our very freedoms and lives depend on it.

    May the west prevail.
    Kaffir and proud.

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