Another video you should not watch.

Really. This isn’t the first time I have posted videos with express instructions not to watch them. It probably looks like a device I use to get people to watch them. Longtime readers of Vlad know it is not.   For any newcomers I will explain why I am doing such an odd thing.

From time to time I need to remind myself why I do what I do here. Let me be clear. Islam is a dangerous belief system, one which has obliterated entire ancient civilizations – all of which were infinitely superior in terms of values, knowledge, progress, civility, tolerance, and pluralism – and killed in the hundreds of millions of people and tens of millions at least in India alone. Its ‘legal system’ is snuff porn.  There are no rights for the accused or for anyone except Muslim males, and frankly, Muslim males have more rights in Israel than in any Islamic nation, however, compared to non Muslims or non males, they are gods.

So how does this relate? I’ll explain….

The terms ‘evil,’ ‘pernicious,’ ‘Hitler-like,’ ‘Nazi’ and so on have been so badly abused to refer to anything or anyone whom we don’t like, from people who smoke in bars to people who wear their hair or shoes unfashionably, that they have become utterly meaningless. Now and again I need to remind MYSELF what I am fighting – what this really is about, because despite overwhelming evidence, the daily onslaught of absurd demands by Muslims living in the non-Muslim world, the infiltration and horrors I see in Islamic nations – I still need to make sure Islam is what I know it to be.  I, like many of you, want to believe that Islam is some misunderstood form of Christianity. Having a self-checking mechanism is healthy.  To make sure that what I am doing is truly in the interest of the preservation of liberal democracy is crucial or else I am not just as bad as the enemy but as bad, perhaps, as I say the enemy is.

This is not the case. The enemy — Islam and its orthodox adherents will implement Sharia law wherever they have the numbers to do so, and remember that the portion of the world which lived under Sharia once spanned from Spain to India and was minority Muslim.  These films show, among other brutal acts of barbarity, what Sharia means. Remember that these are not like courts in the West where the accused is granted the benefit. This is a court in which prosecutors threaten to kill the defendants themselves if the judge doesn’t sentence them to a Sharia death. So once again, do not watch these videos unless you feel that you need the reassurance or that you have real doubts about the nature of Islam when in control of a territory.

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