What Farrakhan gets wrong.

I don’t mean in his crypto science of course as that’s beyond wrong and well into the preposterous. I mean how to sell the absurd.

Here is how Scientology does it:

First, they tell you something interesting and kinda likely in that intuitive way to get you into it. Then, after you pay them something they tell you something else thats kinda believable but now that you have both paid and worked for it, you of course will be much more receptive to it. See, people are like that. The more you pay for something the more you value it. It’s why selfish morons buy so called ‘organic’ food instead of food produced by technology which gives the best yield from the land. It’s also why artists like Barnett Newman can sell a painting of three stripes to the National Gallery of Canada for millions of dollars and people don’t arrive en masse with pitchforks and torches. When it costs this much, it has to be good.

Scientology doesn’t give you the really warped twisted alien scientists crap till you are into them for tens of thousands and way more if you actually have means. Then of course you believe it cause you paid so much to be told it. Farrakhan on the other hand, mixed Scientology with Islam and hands this crapout for free.

The only thing that shocks me, is that anyone would believe this stuff without being drugged or sleep deprived.

Here is GAR’s post on a handout I received yesterday from a Farrakhan Zombie at a local mall:

It was a 3-page handout of one of Farrakhan’s speeches – actually, part 3 of something called “The Resurrection of the Dead”. So, I unfortunately don’t have the first two parts.

I read the whole thing, but I really can’t understand it. Usually, you get religious pamphlets that talk about the age of the earth being 6,000 years. In this one, he talks about “the splitting of the moon” which took place 66 trillion years ago!

Here’s more about the splitting of the moon:

“Elijah Muhammed said that Allah taught him that at one time we made history to last for 35,000 years, when the earth and the moon were one planet. But one of our scientists wanted the people to speak one language and became disappointed that he could not get them to speak the same dialect or the same language. So, he decided to destroy the earth and those of us who lived on it.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammed said Allah taught him that they drilled a hole into the earth and filled it with a type of explosive that is far greater than the dynamite used in this world, and, the scientist ignited it, thinking that he was going to kill everybody; and a part of it [now called the moon] was blasted off 36,000 miles and the part that we are on fell 12,000 miles into the pocket of rotation that it now occupies. The water that was on that part now called moon fell back to this part. So that part called moon has no water. The earth is now three-quarters water; and the fact that the moon is constantly trying to get back the water it lost is a sign of equality, because the moon equalizes the waters of the earth and keeps the water from drowning out civilization.”Now, you know a bit more about the history of the earth and the moon.

Well. This is Black Islam. So I wonder if it will be a crime soon to say: “This is some of the most unmitigated utter bullshit that has ever crossed my eyes and should be treated like leprosy on paper” If I where to suggest that this stream of consciousness was Skelaxin for the brain, would I be guilty of a hate crime? Whats the number of believers you have to have before it can be considered  blasphemy in Ireland?

Ultimately we are creating a new world where any belief is protected merely because someone believes it and clearly the more violently they do, the more protection they get and secondly, the only thing we have going for us is that some of the people who push destructive and retrograde nonsense on us is they are too freaking stupid to market it right.

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2 Replies to “What Farrakhan gets wrong.”

  1. I am willing to bet that there are infinitely more people that belive in virgins getting pregnant, folks dying and going to some 4th dimension called heaven with milk and honey (but no cows and bees) and get this one.. most of them believe when everything is said and done, billions of dusy, dead, maggot infested bodies coming out of their graves to celebrate “the day of ressurection”.

    Is that Scientology, the Nation of Islam of Farrakhan teach.. oh noo.. this is all good ole fashion “mainstream” religion!

    Go figure!

  2. No argument. I am not saying the usual noise is any more rational. Just that this is interesting in its synthesis and blend of Scientology, (Itself a recent synthesis) and Islam or the black variant of it common in the US. But my point really had nothing to do with the likelyhood of the treligious truths. It has to do with poor marketing of nonsense. If you want people to believe in something imposible typically you have to make them pay for it. Then they are more receptive to believing it.

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