Filip Dewinter at Pro Koln event Germany May 9 2009

Youtube removed the video for terms of use violation. Not sure why or what those terms of use are, but the video has been removed and a strike placed on the vladtepesblog youtube account. Below I will place the video through another source.
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15 Replies to “Filip Dewinter at Pro Koln event Germany May 9 2009”

  1. While Geert Wilders and just a few others in Europe fight for Europe, the vast majority of Europeans are, to put it simply, pussies. They will move from Europe to the US or Canada or Australia, or submit to dhimmitude before fighting the fascism pounding down their front door. I travel the world in my job (athlete), but when I’m in Western Europe I know I am surrounded by a bunch of panty-waste, pussyfied, pathetic little babies who are gladly giving their countries and culture away in the name of not offending anyone. Europeans are so pathetic and useless I really hate going there and being in their midst. Despite brave and good men like this and Wilders, Europe has both feet in its grave already, and they have willingly put themselves there. Pussies.

  2. Greg my knee jerk reaction is to agree with you. But I can’t help but ask myself, is this how it was before WW2? Could it be that West Europe has always been unable to act until there is a clear existential threat to them? Could this be the human condition when people’s basic needs are more than met? W Europe now has a creeping statism that rivals the USSR in many ways with leftists and hey forget left or right but various committees who have taken it upon themselves to regulate every aspect of life in an effort to make things ‘better’ at the expense of basic freedoms and indeed masculinity in terms of self determination and individualism. You see it with anti smoking, baby seats, every aspect of our lives till we are a kind of Soviet ant culture. Perhaps the existential threat Islam poses is a blessing in disguise. Maybe the fight can be brought to the nanny state as well. Maybe we can free ourselves from our own submission to irrational authority of all kinds. So yes there is a ‘pussification’ of western people and especially men. Maybe Islam is what we needed to get our fight back. If we win, and there is no guarantee of that whatsoever, I can only shudder at what we will do to ourselves in the next 60 years and what the next major threat will be.

  3. Unfortunatly the video hass been removed.
    However here is a transcript of what was said.

    Dear friends, first I would like to thank you for being here, and for your courage in taking part in this stop is Islamisation demonstration.
    For a long time I had been convinced that the dictator had been beaten down in Germany in 1945, and that democracy had won.
    I was mistaken. In practice, a right wing dictator has just been swapped for a left wing dictator.
    A National Socialist dictator was replaced by a politically correct, multi-culti dictator.
    And the violence, the attempts to silence us, the smears of “racism” and “fascism” against respectable citizens who are opposed to the Islamisation of their town, that is unacceptable to Cologne and to Germany.
    Dear friends, multiculturalism is that Islamic Trojan horse, and mass immigration has led to our European identity and civilisation being threatened, and multiculturalism has also led to the loss of our pride in our own cultural identity and uniqueness.
    That Islamisation of Europe spreads further every day, yet almost no one dares to protest through fear of the intellectual and psychological terror from the left.
    Friends, Islam is like a cuckoo which lays its eggs in the European nest, and multiculturalism forces us to nurture these Islam-eggs.
    The eyes of the political elites will only be opened when they are pushed out of the nest.
    Yes, mass immigration from the Third World threatens our identity and our standard of living.
    Yes, Islam wants to dominate all of Europe, and it uses the mass immigration as a terrifying weapon.
    Yes, Islam is incompatible with many aspects of Western European civilisation, our norms and values.
    The multi-culti society in Western Europe leads to cultural apartheid, to cultural ghettos where loyal ayatollahs are in control.
    In East ghettos the European norms and values are not recognised, and the locals had to suffer most of the ensuing lawlessness. Multi-culti societies are basically conflict societies, and “multicultural” equates to “multi-conflict” and “multi-criminal”.

    Friends, our misplaced tolerance is undermining our own ability to defend ourselves, and makes it impossible for us to protect ourselves against catastrophic foreign influences and domination.
    The immigration tsunami opens the gates of our continent to backwardness, poverty and underdevelopment.
    The anti racist denounced every attempt to hold onto our own cultural identity and cultural uniqueness.
    The multi-culti mindset, under the mask of equality and tolerance, is leading to the colonisation of Europe by Islam.
    (Shout from crowd “we don’t want it!”)
    friends, we find ourselves at a crossroads, either we let this situation continue which will lead to the Islamisation of Europe, to a kind Eurabia, or we say a radical NO to radical Islam, and we make it clear to the Islamist that their ideology does not belong in Europe.
    Our response should be strong, clear and aggressive, and I would like to quote the Austrian bishop who said:
    “Charles Martel forced Islam back at Poitiers in 732, and in 1683 near Vienna, Islam was again forced out.
    And if it is necessary, then for a third time we should also force Islam back to the place it belongs, namely the far side of the Mediterranean Sea.”

    Friends, it is clear in any case that the left wing intellectuals and politicians behave increasingly as collaborators with Islam, and through the multi-culti society and mass immigration they are pushing for Islamic domination over us.
    The ideologues of the 60s have, through decades of leftism and progressivism, developed a “down with us” mentality.
    In a masochistic desire for self-destruction, they have made sure that any opponents of the huge immigration invasion are seen as racists.
    Today we see that leftist so-called intellectuals even preferred to form an alliance with the radical representatives of Islam, rather than to repudiate their multi-culti delusions.
    Perhaps, dear friends we should send the collaborators on a fact-finding trip to Nigeria, to Saudi Arabia, or to Gaza, so they can be well informed as to how Islam deals with such collaborators.
    Dear friends, Cologne is today the capital of the European resistance movement against the Islamisation of Europe.
    We don’t want any Koran schools, nor Islamic centres or mosques on every street corner.
    We are tired of the women in burkas and chadors, an insult to every emancipated woman.
    We are tired of the Arabic and Turkish writing on the front of shops, windows and products.
    We are disgusted by the ritual slaughter of animals. We do not want any Islamic symbols or food or hijabs in our schools.
    We want the Islamisation of our towns and districts to stop.
    Europe, my dear friends and comrades, is indeed a continent of castles and cathedrals, and not of minarets and mosques.

  4. While Europe may have both feet in the grave, I don’t see any hope for North America either. As long as the PC media, politicians and brain dead Libtards refuse to critically examine the basic tenants of isalm and admit that their theology is incompatible with Western values (Gay, Porn and other destructive deviant behaviour excluded) we will also cave in when the shit hits the fan. As it stands the Libtard coalition has wholeheartedly embraced the flawed experiment of unconditional multiculturalism and anyone who dares question this insane policy is chastised as a bigoted racist xenophobic islamaphobe by the ignorant majority.

  5. Lion of Kabul: You have a point and things do look bleak. But a minority of patriotic and conservative (and gun owning) Americans are more powerful on the streets than ten times their number of liberals. American liberals are like Europeans – pussies. It takes only ten of us to take a hundred of them, and when “the shit hits the fan,” you can believe guys like me will take our country back. Our Founding Fathers were a minority to the Loyalists. And when that shit does hit and choices have to be made, the soldiers, cops, firemen, businessmen, and anyone who has balls side with us. The libs have artists and professors and teachers and students and social workers and civil activists and a bunch of hippies. It may come to a fight, maybe a Civil War between the two sides, and if I were you I’d put my money on the Patriots.

  6. Thanks for putting up the video.
    I can´t believe that youtube would take down a speech like that!

    I couldn´t help but laugh at gregs comment about europeans!
    There is around 3 percent muslims in all of europe and the elections in most european countries are already dictated by whether or not they have a tough stand on immigration.

    All that is needed, is for the last stupid california-dreaming hippies to die out here in europe. And FYI all the PC-pussiness, gender correct, post-colonial, structural rascism CRAP! is coming from your side of the pond. And is just as pollutting to traditional european culture and enlightenment as the third world immigrants.

    So why don´t you be a real brave atlete and run right back into your traditional american culture of gated communities, listen to your new caliph on TV and thank “hardcore liberalism” for the fact that your grand children will be speaking spanish…

    there is a tide in the affairs of man…

    On a side note, the translation is misleading in the beginning. Dewinter says that they have changed from a rightwing to a leftwing dictatorSHIP not dictator ( the german word is “diktatur”)… I don´t want to annoy you with details, but it did lead to some misunderstandings over at comments section at GoV, because it gives the impression that he is comparing angela merkel with hitler, which would be ridiculous.

  7. Dear Greg, I´m German, European and Christian. You are right about Your thinking of th most Europeans to be pussies. They are involved in their own system of order, of dependence from official opinions, of official help, official thoughts, official orders and they are afraid of thinking for themselves.

    I´m in a very bad mood for our near future, of our will to fight for our selves, our liberty.

    I´m very sorry about that the Europeans will allow the next hot World War.

  8. @Greg
    I am from Europe, and I do feel a tiny bit offendend to be collectively called a pussy by somebody who has not yet proven to me that he himself is not a bigger pussy either.
    You haven’t met the right people I should say. The stadium you might usually hang about is definetly not the place to meet the Non-Pussies (i.e. the real people). It’s the place to meet with oh so important officials of whatever association or company to discuss sponsoring,etc. and I’m very sure that most of them are really pussies simply because they profit from the system.
    I live in GErmany and I actively support Wilders’ ideas and because of people like me our numbers are growing. But things in Europe are much more difficult than youare probably willing to acknowledge.
    One commonly shared reason is the trouble with PC. Since politics and the media are dominated by lefty multiculturalists they have gained the power to coin PC- phrases and to tell everybody what’s right and worng. Especially in Germany this means, that if you want to actively work against Europes islamization and your called a Nazi, even by mistake, you are stigmatized and your career is over. So we have to go down a different road in order to achieve our goals and to preserve our credibility.
    Above that we have the European Union (the worst thing ever) which slowly transforms the continent into a superstate with continously fewer possibilities for the national state to pass legislation. Therefore we critics fight on two different frontlines at the same time. Unfortunately most of the EU-political elite does not know anything about Islam and its aims because they spent most of their time in cloud-cuckoo-land and still believe in the Taqquiya uttered by some “democracy loving” islamist.
    All I’m trying to say is that Euope is not lost, we’re not Pussies and I, as many others, will not leave our country unbattled to any conqueror whoever it is. So don’t worry I won’t come the U.S..

    I truly hope that you Americans can stop the Amero!

    Cheers from GErmany

  9. Allow me to point out a slight innacuracy in the translation of Filip Dewinter’s speech: The German word “Diktatur” means dictatorship, not dictator. He says we have exchanged a right-wing for a left-wing dictatorship. Alas, how true!
    By the way, most of this PC nonsense – Gender Mainstreaming, Positive Discrimination, indeed the concept of Multiculturalism itself – came originally from the States. We Western Europeans may be “Pussies”, as you call us, the folks in Eastern Europe quite definitely are not and that may be our salvation. Anyway, the pot can’t call the kettle black, as the saying goes. This is as much cultural relativism in the US as there is anywhere. Even George Bush thought he was fighting a way against “Terror”, he didn’t realise the enemy is radical Islam or Jihadism.
    To come back to the theme of the new dictatorship, Diana West, in her excellent book “The Death of the Grown-Up”, identifies multiculturalism and the widespread cultural relativism in the West as “Hitler’s Revenge”.

  10. The enemy of my enemy is … my friend – this is the wisodm espoused by the Israeli Mossad.

    Being jewish, when I tell this to my parents, why I support the Republicans, Minutemen and Vlaams Belang, I tell them to not throw out the baby with the bathwater. They still, as do other jewsih people, my beliefs ( not that I view the Republicans as my enemy; in fact I view the US Democrats as the enemy).

    I apologize for the fact that 78% of jewish people support Obama

  11. i must say that im not a big fan of his speech, but there is truth in his words, and if the “elite” of europe dont adress this problem soon, then i will be left to the extremist to save europe, and we all know to well what that meens! i like eutope to be multi-cultural, but today its only duo-cultural, there is the european culture and then there is islam, and that´s not multiculture, it must be a european culture with room for cuban music, myanmar buddihst, african tribe culture, mexican hollidays…..and so on, in other words tolerance for tolerance and intolerance for intolerance, not like today where the word multiculture equals = an open door for islam and its middelage veiws on life, EUROPE GET YOUR ACT TOGHETER or you lose it all

  12. If I have to move to Gremany to drive a wooden stake through the heart of Islam to save our Western coulture, then so be it!

  13. Islam GTFO of Europe because i would sooner die than become a muslim, and you will NEVER convert me.

    I am always disgusted whenever I see a mosque in Europe, or a rape story of a girl who was raped by a muslim, and the muslim justifies it by saying that he has a right to. Disgusting.

  14. It is a very dubious strategy for Americans and Europeans to insult each other. We need to unite, or we are only making the work of the Islamic totalitarians easier. Avoid overly broad generalizations about Europeans, especially generalizations that only serve to divide the West.

    It is also a dubious strategy to go around cursing multiculturalism. Instead, we should be listening to the Left as genuinely and openly as possible, and then letting them know that the spread of Islam is likely to DESTROY multiculturalism and substitute a monoculture in its place. We should remember that the center-Right has a semi-synonym for multiculturalism: “pluralism” — and we celebrate its good aspects as inherent to a free society. Left and Right can unite precisely to protect multiculturalism from the certain death that Islam would bring to it. Left and Right cannot at this time afford to turn relatively minor differences between us into a division that will hinder consensus about Islam. The squabbles between center-Right and center-Left about various issues are as nothing compared to the threat of having to live under Islamic law. So we should stop letting our petty hatreds of the center-Left (or center-Right) get mixed in with our efforts to unite against Islam.

    Furthermore, cursing multiculturalism is shooting ourselves in the foot in another respect. We need to unite a vast multicultural tableau against Islam: all non-Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Christians, atheists, animists, etc., and including any Muslims willing to publicly condemn Islamic law, Islamic jihad, Islamic supremacism, and many of Muhammad’s reported behaviors.

    The West has more than enough on its plate in fighting off Islamic totalitarianism. We cannot afford to fight multiculturalism at the same time, except those elements of multiculturalism that help Islamic totalitarianism. We need to distinguish the good elements of multiculturalism too, so that center-Right and center-Left can unite, and so that all non-Muslims, of the most varied cultures, can unite against Islamic totalitarianism. Anything else is just helping the suicide of the West.

  15. hi guys,

    I am living in Amsterdam, country of Geert Wilders. In my neighbourhood there are about 80% muslims, all my neighbours are muslims and part of my family is muslim, including my sister, most of them from egypt.
    After 15 years of intens experience with them I can say, yes, islam is a threat, Wilders is right. Probably for my country the Netherlands it will be too late, cities like Rotterdam and Amsterdam will probably fall to islam (they are now approaching 50% islam, established in 40 years). Please, don’t give in the rest of the free world to islam… Don’t accept islam-immigration.


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