German government gets it all wrong. Again.

This article from BBC news shows the classic error of the post modern west. The idea that aggression is bad as opposed to how aggression is directed. All human attributes are necessary for the survival of the species. Sex is good, rape is bad. War is good when the cost of no war means the utter obliteration of your culture and people while war to take over the world and impose yourself on everyone is bad. It is not whether war is good, its a universal constant and will never not exist so long as their are people alive. Its how and why that makes it bad or good. Aggression is a fundamental attribute of the human race. Some people are more aggressive than others. Directing this aggression for the greater good keeps a people and a nation strong. Eliminating it, or pretending it doesn’t exist are both recipes for extinction albeit for different reasons. In one of Fjordman’s brilliant essay’s he recalls the arcane TV series, ‘Firefly’ and the concluding movie of the series where it was revealed that a mega government had done an experiment to eliminate aggression from the peoples of a certain remote planet. Of course within weeks all the people died of lack of motivation to do anything or where killed by those who still possessed aggression and in this case, a large surplus of it. Bad for all involved.

Fjordman and the writers point was an excellent one. A society needs its aggression. It must be well directed for the greater good. Germany’s attempt to eliminate it, will be the end of Germany at the hands of those nations hostile to it, who encourage it.

Eeyore for Vlad

Germany moves to outlaw paintball

Paintballer. File photo
Berlin says games like paintball encourage violence

The German government says it plans to ban combat games such as paintball, in response to a recent school shooting.

The new measures being proposed to parliament also include tighter gun control rules and give officials the right to conduct checks on gun owners.

Anyone defying the proposed new rule could face a 5,000-euro (£4,474) fine.

Sixteen people, including the gunman, were killed in the school shooting in March. Relatives of the victims say the new measures do not go far enough.

‘Biometric controls’

Under the proposed rules, the authorities would be given more right to ensure weapons are safely locked up.

A woman and girl grieve in Winnenden. Photo: 12 March 2009
The massacre at Albertville School shocked Germany

It is also thought that “biometric controls” for gun storage might be introduced, the BBC’s Steve Rosenberg in Berlin reports.

That would mean that anyone owning and storing guns at home would need to use their own fingerprint to open the safe or cupboard, our correspondent says.

Berlin also plans to ban games like paintball and laser-tag that simulate killing on the grounds that they trivialise and encourage violence.

But relatives of those killed in the March attack in the town of Winnenden, near Stuttgart, are calling for an outright ban on pistols and high-calibre weapons.

“There cannot be a second Winnenden,” Hardy Schober, whose daughter was killed in the attack, told a news conference in Berlin.

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3 Replies to “German government gets it all wrong. Again.”

  1. Next on the agenda of the antis: ban chess. It’s an abstraction of warfare and may induce into the minds the players thoughts of machine gunning the pawns, bayoneting the Knights, blowing the Queen with a hand grenade and capturing the King.
    Can’t have that in a civilized country.

  2. After a similar massacre in the UK in a small Scottish town called Dunblane in 1996,the UK government seized the opportunity to ban all guns ( Something that they wanted to do for a long time).The result absolute carnage the gun crime in the UK has gone through the roof proving the old adage ” If guns are outlawed ,only outlaws will have guns”.What it actually shows is that apart from rare outbreaks of violence, very few crimes are committed by licenced gun owners and gun crime is a seperate issue from gun ownership.Of course the great unwashed masses, the majority of whom could never afford a handgun will want them banned for the same reason that they want big 4 X 4’s banned JEALOUSY, socialism is not known as the politics of envy for no reason.

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