Cat Stevens AKA Yussef Al Islam. Portrait of a hypocrite.

Cat Stevens is certainly allowed to change his mind once writing songs like ‘peace train’ a rather banal ditty expressing the fashion of that time to being a jihadi, the fashion of these times. Nothing wrong in one sense with being a slave to fashion and going from following mindlessly the trend of one decade to following mindlessly the trend of another other than this particular brand of banality is detrimental to liberal values. But what does make my gorge rise is that being a musician is on Mohamed’s top 15 forbidden list of things to do. Muslims all over the world where the numbers are high enough kill artists and dancers of all kinds merely for being artists. Musicians most of all.

This little clip found on Jihad Watch:

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2 Replies to “Cat Stevens AKA Yussef Al Islam. Portrait of a hypocrite.”

  1. Is he still going to keep playing that I-never-said-what-they-say-I-said little game? The proof that he said it is out there…

    As for “Peace Train”, the only “peace” train (“peace” not by Western standards, but according to the meaning given to that word by mahoundianism, that is) which would be featured in one of his songs would be the “March 11 2004 Madrid Train, in the name of allah, ‘the most merciful.'”

    If he were still a human being, I’m sure the Cat would be so damn sick of his own self. But, since he’s a mahoundian…

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