Jihad Watch: Pakistan: Lawyer threatens to kill Christian charged with “blasphemy”

And not just with his hourly billing charges, either. From Jihad Watch May 8 2009

Here is yet another example of how Pakistan’s blasphemy laws are used to terrorize innocent people. An update on this story: “Pakistan: Lawyer Threatens To Kill Christian Charged With ‘Blasphemy,’” from Compass Direct, May 6 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm):

ISTANBUL, May 6 (Compass Direct News) – A Pakistani Christian charged with abetting blasphemy against Islam was denied bail for his own safety last week after an Islamist lawyer allegedly threatened his life in a court hearing.Hector Aleem, 51, remains in Adiyala Jail in Rawalpindi, near Pakistan’s capital of Islamabad. Judge Mustafa Tanveer dismissed his bail application at a court session on Thursday (April 30).

If the judge does not punish Aleem according to the law, then [we] will kill him ourselves,” said Tariq Dhamal, an attorney for the unnamed complainant, according to a report by the Centre for Legal Aid Assistance and Settlement (CLAAS).

Police arrested Aleem last November when a Muslim scholar received a text message insulting the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Authorities charged Aleem with blasphemy and abetting blasphemy, sections 295(c) and 109(bb) respectively of the Pakistani criminal code.

Court evidence shows the text message came from an unlisted phone number, not Aleem’s. At an April 25 hearing, Investigating Officer Zafer Ikbal said he had concluded that evidence proved Aleem’s innocence. Ikbal’s investigation, along with a February judicial decision, resulted in charges of blaspheming Islam being dropped. The charge of abetting blasphemy still stands.

Nevertheless, at the April 25 hearing prosecuting attorneys asserted that Aleem was guilty of blasphemy on grounds that “he is a Christian and can make blasphemous comments about the prophet Muhammad,” according to Katherine Sapna, a field officer for CLAAS….

He can do it. Therefore he did do it. And why is he judge as capable of doing it? Simply because he is a Christian.

If the roles were reversed, and an American court treated a Muslim this way, it would be international headline news, and “Islamophobia” detox would become required of every church and school in the country. But the international human rights organizations will take little or no notice of this.

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