Geert Wilders speech in L.A. Spanish subtitles

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A special thanks to many people who did very hard and laborious work to make the Spanish subtitles possible. First, AMDG from “La Yijad en Eurabia” and ‘Montcalm’ who clearly understands the urgency and severity that Geert Wilders Message gets out to the Spanish speaking world. Thank you both for your efforts. I pray this achieve our common purpose.

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  1. Hi Vlad, greetings from Spain for the video. I just want to share one or two thoughts with you. I really believe that this video you’ve posted is a wonderful multimedia weapon for contra-yihadists. As means of propaganda it is worth of the hard work you’ve put in its edition, arranging and so on. And the spanish subtitles increases in almost 400 million people its potential audience, maybe far more.

    I think it would be polite and considerate towards the people who put their work in the spanish translation to include them in the titles of the piece. You know: AMDG from “La Yijad en Eurabia” and “Eurabian News”, who was the one who spread the awareness of the video in the spanish speaking sphere, who ask for translators and who finally managed to find someone to translate Wilders’ speech from english into spanish. And -why not- the moron who painfully found the time to write the best and most elaborated translation he was able to produce. Some guy who uses to sign “Montcalm” here and there in the Net…

  2. Dear Montcalm.
    I agree with you 101% but I was not given that information at the time I did the editing of that version. As you can see, I did put all the credits in for the French and Italian versions but I did not get the credits for the Spanish version at the same time as the actual translation which I used for the subtitling. Let me be clear here. I did in fact really push hard all the people I know to get translators working on this project and they worked hard to find them who in turn worked very hard to do the translations and I know all of us did long and tedious work for this very very important project. In order to add the names to the actual video, I would have to go back steps and do hours of work. However, I can add the names in the post easily here, and on the International Free Press Society site where I see it is also posted. I will also try and find time to add them to the actual film as well, but it means re compiling it and editing as well as re uploading it to a number of sites. I can and will do this at some point. But for the moment please know that I feel badly that the names are not already in there as I did wonder what to do at the time when I did the subtitles and will add them to the posts.

    Thank you very much for all the hard work and I do know how much effort it is. And thank you for pointing this out to me.
    Eeyore for Vladtepesblog

  3. My pleasure. German and Danish next I hope. Please pass the link on to any and all Spanish blogs and papers and people you know.

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