A study in contasts of leadership. Iran Vs. US

The video below was grabbed from MEMRI. A translation of a recent speech by Iran’s leader I refer to as ‘I’madinnerjacket’. Be warned that this speech is firstly tedious. Nothing sexy or compelling about it in any way. However I feel its value is the clear weakness and tyrannical nature of this leader. The overt lies and sensitivity of Iran’s leader to criticism. When G.W. Bush had a shoe thrown at him in Iraq, a nation he took great expense and risk to liberate from a tyrant of historical proportions, his response was something like “Sounds like a size ten”.

When Bush came to Ottawa Canada during the first few months of Paul Martin’s term, he was first greeted by around 30 Canadians welcoming him (I was among them) and then several thousand far left university students screaming and comparing him to Hitler and so on. His response was, “It was nice to see a few people on the way here waving at me with all five fingers.”

Again, this shows some humility and dignity in the face of adversity. Compare that to I’madinnerjacket’s need to brag about how he wanted to punch his detractors in the mouth. Or how those who wanted to interrupt his speech where taking money from ‘Zionists’ or how the US takes all profits and does not share while expecting others to pay for economic slow downs.

The facts are, the US of A has picked up nearly the whole NATO defence budget for Europe post WW2 and consequently allowed Europe to indulge in all the expensive social programs which is killing them now. If you want to blame the US for destructive behaviour, blame them for their generosity. Of all the blustering threatening speeches I have seen this man make, I feel this may be the most foreboding. Because it is the weak power who will resort to horrific acts of violence as it is the coward in the school yard who throws his weight around. Watch this video and determine for yourself what sort of a leader, what sort of a man this is.

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