UAE secret torture tape. This is from ABC news but still very harsh

Here is a video from ABC news about how a crown prince of the United Arab Emirates tortured a grain merchant for apparently failing to deliver the full quota. This is an important video at this time as the world contemplates and condemns the US for state sanctioned torture of some Islamic terrorists and Obama’s publishing certain top secret CIA files on the matter. It’s worth comparing the nature of the torture done, the reasons for which it is done and the degree of certainty of the guilt of the recipient.
For the ABC story please click here. There is also more of the raw footage of the torture tape available here. Not for the weak of heart. Get an Imodium ready before you slick that second link. It’s noteworthy that the Royal prince’s brother was the director of this torture and uniformed police where the ones administering it. Clearly, the UAE is not the paragon of an enlightened Islamic state many of us thought it to be.

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