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12 Replies to “CAIR caught selling Jihadist & anti-Judeo-Christian books to public”

  1. Why don’t our government deport these muslims, sharia law will never replace our constitution. And we will never bow to islam. We will never convert to islam. ISLAM IS EVIL AND MUST BE DONE AWAY WITH..

  2. Before we talk deportation how about getting our governments to stop importing more sharia advocates. That would be a great start. Stop bringing in more then we can talk about getting rid of the ones we don’t want.

  3. I am from England, a nation that is slowly walking towards the abyss of multi-cultural self-paralysis and weak moral relativity. It is refreshing to see these brave men willing to defend the American Constitution as something worth dying for; but, unfortunately, here in England, we choose to ignore the threat and continue to make self-deluded public statements about the positive role Islam and south Asian immigration has had in the land of the Anglo-Saxons. One day there will be a life or death struggle between the West and Islam, and it will be just as important as the Battle of the Marne (1915), Poland’s battle with Bolshevik Russia (1920-21) and the Normandy landings in WWII. I won’t be alive to see it, but you can guarantee that I will have bequeathed my successor generations with an understanding of liberty, freedom of conscience, and democracy so that they know what they will be fighting for.

  4. Kirk from Ingurlund,

    Funny, but last time I looked I thought England was part of Britain, you remember Kirk, that country that’s shared with all the inigenous Scots, Welsh and some Irish! Why do English people insist on referring to the country as England? The Muslims you are complaining about are doing exactly the same as the English did to the native inhabitants of Britain. So, Kirk, either call the country by its proper name – Britain, or stop complaining about the Muzzies trying to copy you.

  5. The Islamification of the UK is proceeding apace. It’s no use carping about which part – England or whatever – is most advanced. I’d be interested to know which Muslim country has been subject to mass-immigration from non-Muslims.

  6. Colin: the way to tell, is look at which Muslim nation has the most freedom and the strongest economy. Answer of course is Lebanon. Now that the trends are reversing in terms of immigration there, you can tell most immigration to Lebanon is Islamic as all the Christians tend to move to Canada etc. Interestingly, the Christian Expat Lebanese are a net benefit to nations they move to while the Muslim ones….

  7. Owain Samuel,

    Sorry, you cannot draw a moral equivalence between a culture that evolved to produce a system of laws based on natural rights and respect for the individual (i.e. Judeo-Christian ethics), and a culture whose laws are based on a single book purported to come from god, and which do not respect the rights of minorities and women.

  8. Owain,

    Why do you immediately assume that I am being chauvinistic by referring to the nation-state of England. On the contrary, I am a firm supporter of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland.

    But as a union of nations why should I not refer to my native homeland? The English are a predominantly Teutonic people (Angles, Saxons, Danes, and Normans are all the same Germanic bloodline) and can be thus distinguished from the Celtic races of Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Your comment that the Muslims are doing what the English have done to the indigenous races of Britain over the past few centuries is a naive comparison, although, I didn’t get the feeling that you were being entirely serious in the first place.

  9. @Owain Samuel
    Kirk is correct, I too am English. As far as I am aware we do not (yet) insist that the Scots/Welsh/Irish/Cornish whatever, bow to Buckingham Palace with their backsides in the air 5 times a day (horrible picture). Plus, no self respecting Scott would appreciate your insistence on throwing her into the same melting pot as a Sassanach.

    When an American says she is from California (a Californian?) do you jump on them ‘cos they are ignoring DC?

    Carpe Diem

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