Nigeria: Suspected Muslim fanatics burn churches in Nigeria

Three churches were burnt and several Christians injured in two cities in Nigeria’s northern state of Niger when suspected Muslim fanatics turned on Christians during Easter celebration on Monday, the private Punch newspaper reported Tuesday.

The violence took place in Gwada, where three churches were burnt and 26 worship pers injured as the fanatics stormed the churches.

The fanatics were apparently angered by the celebration during which Christian y ouths from all churches marched round the town, drumming and dancing in commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In the capital city of Minna, only the determination of Christian youths prevent ed the Niger Baptist Church targeted by the fanatics from being razed, even though the attackers damaged vehicles and inflicted injuries on many worshippers.

Three vehicles were damaged in the premises of the church.

The police have sent reinforcements to the areas affected, but said no one was killed in the attacks.

Police spokesman Richard Oguche said 88 Muslim fanatics were arrested in Gwada and 20 in Minna.

As in other predominantly-Muslim states in Northern Nigeria, religious and sectarian violence are common and have been caused the deaths of thousands since Nigeria’s return to democratic rule in 1999.

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