A comment on piracy recieved in email

A comment on the pirate situation i felt was worthy of publication. From “A Citizen of the Republic”

Piracy always appears when the rule of law is on the wane… from the downturn at the late Bronze Age, the end of Western Roman power, the conflicts between the great powers over the new world and employing those who would turn pirate and need to be hunted down… from the South Asian sea to Malay to the Carribean to Western Med. to Aegean… each era has its time when these would be places for piracy and we never have done a decent job in the South China Sea and Oceania which has had piracy going on all through the 20th century save for a few short years in WWII.  Their compatriots on land are no different and we now have Somalia, TBA in South America, parts of the Balkans, central Asia, all having lands without law.

Civilization isn’t about being nice.

It is enforcing the law and ensuring that the law of nations is upheld.

Just like it says in the Constitution – to punish offences against the law of nations.

Strange we don’t do that anymore… and that allows civilization to crumble.

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