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4 Replies to “Excellent video on evolution”

  1. ok vlad..our usual disagreement. First..I have never ever heard any of those last arguments against evolution, used by anyone other than pro evolutionists in their attempt to discredit anti -evolutionists. Usually a left wing tactic…..but to hell with that and all the other science vs religion bullshit. In reality as far as I am concerned the whole goddamn debate is a red herring. People who go on and on about evolution do not give a shit about the science..this is a political operation designed to undermine republicans and conservatives. It is just another trick in the “they are stupid” game. When people discuss evolution , what they are REALLY saying is there is no God, if you believe in God you are a moron and worse you are a republican, or a conservative. therefore since republicans believe in God and that makes them stupid, ergo all republicans are morons and thus must be kept out of national or local power. By going along with this pseudo science group you are just another “useful idiot”.. I know harsh, but we have argued this before and you know how I feel… sometimes reading between the lines is necessary….ok just my 2 cents worth (although thru evolution it is now 10 cents)

  2. Everything you say Charles is true in terms of how politics uses the debate to a non scientific agenda. The same can be said of climate science and for that matter other aspects of science which have politically incorrect conclusions. I maintain that those who oppose evolution in toto, at least in my experience do not argue against evolution but straw men they create. I will go farther. Most who do accept evolution merely have another kind of creation myth as they themselves do not understand it. This is equally useless.

    Evolution is a theory for which the evidence is abundant. So much so, I sometimes feel those who do not accept it should be denied antibiotics which are an absolute proof of evolution in action. This would satisfy all of us and Darwin especially. Even so, you are correct in it’s rhetorical abuse and political abuse. I have also heard you frame your own argument better than this and with more validity. But these speak to a cultural and political aspect to the debate with which I agree with you. The facts of the origins of species lie with science.

  3. Pedro I will take the liberty of speaking for him as I know him well. He isn’t saying that exactly. He is saying that republicans and conservatives are under attack in every possible way in the US and that evolution is often used as a way of making conservatives appear stupid and ignorant as typically religiosity is the province of the GOP while the left bills themselves as enlightened and so on. I agree with him in many ways on this issue. But evolution is the fact of the origin of species. Of course many republicans understand this. This is a peculiar situation in which two divergent points of view are both correct in a sense. Typically the left and the Democrats will tie creation in with a host of pernicious beliefs they attribute to the GOP and its members. I think all three of us actually are libertarians and hence more likely to be GOP as they tend to advocate for individualism over collectivism and central control. This is the real issue. It’s most certainly the critical one. Darwin help us all if the collectivists manage to make any more ‘progress’.

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