Best Geert Wilders speech yet! L.A. April 2009

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12 Replies to “Best Geert Wilders speech yet! L.A. April 2009”

  1. The problem is the people who will watch this movie already know the msg.
    The people that need to watch this, won’t.

    But way to go Geert, for taking action while we all just sit here watching it happen.

  2. I am busy putting subtitles on this speech in every language I can find people to translate it into. Working on French now but its not quite accurate. Perhaps some people who need to hear it will once its available in other tongues.

  3. A very brave man….compare him to the devious cowards who have bowed down to the insane ideology of the muslims.The scum cowards who defend the islamic ideas should ask themselves….why are they so tollorant of something that is so intollorant?

  4. Geert is a hero of modern times. He certainly shames our useless UK political leaders, Gordon Brown and David Cameron, who wish to ban everything Geert says to appease the islamist dark ages folk..

    There will have to be a revolution in the UK. There are many who wish to see ‘dhimmi’ UK politicians hanging from lamp posts.

    May Godbless Geert. He has sacrificed so much on our behalf. He deserves a Nobel Peace prize for his honesty and his attempts to preserve Western Democracy.. in spite of our Communist/Marxist/New World Order/Common Purpose leaders.. Barry Hussein included.

  5. i really envy Europe for having a man like geert amidst them.. fighting for them. we have a common view on islam. i know a lot of people are concerned about islamic ideology… i consider geert as a hero, and i hope we can all be heroes as well.. freedom!

  6. Great speach, we have a problem with Islamic jihadis in India. Mind you many of the Indian muslims openly support Pakistani terrorism.

  7. I have one, but the speech he was supposed to give, the transcript, is not exactly what he said. I had to re transcribe it for the subtitles. I can post the one, or send you the one he submitted which is nearly the same and has some great extra bits in it, but will not match the speech exactly.

  8. wow – this is the greatest speech on the growing threats of islamic world domination i have ever heard!

    Wilders for Prime Minister of Netherlands! – and then Leader of the EU – Go GEERT! ! !

    he is the most dynamic leader in the world right now

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