Anti-NATO crowd burns hotel & border post

Notice the flag and head gear? I wonder if Islam could have anything to do with these riots.
Lets look…


Nice scarf. I wonder where he got it…


This from Stratfor:

Rioters in Strasbourg, France, set fire to a hotel and two other buildings April 4 during demonstrations against the NATO summit. The fire was apparently caused by Molotov cocktails protesters threw at the hotel, thinking it was housing police from out of town brought in specifically to boost security at the summit. Police had to use tear gas grenades to keep back a crowd of rioters trying to attack the firefighters responding to the scene. French law enforcement sources claimed that some of the protesters who were arrested were carrying loaded guns. Protesters from both France and Germany also put up barricades on both sides of the bridge that crosses the border across the river Rhine and hurled rocks at law enforcement personnel. Police estimate that there were 10,000 protesters on the French side of the border and 7,000 on the German.

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  1. The Palestine flag has become synonymous with violent demonstration. The Muslim and pro-Palestine groups jump on any excuse to cover their faces and damage and loot property.

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