Interview with Craig Winn, author of ‘Prophet of Doom’

Most readers of Vlad are quite sophisticated about Islam itself and it’s implications. I would wager more so than the majority of Muslims actually. Even so, this interview is quite good and may contain info you do not know. I am enjoying it immensely as I listen. Clear history of Islam and the various books such as Koran and hadith. I recommend listening to it. Here is the link to the show however I don’t know if this will fall down the blog roll over time or if this will always be at the top but if it isn’t the first thing you see, look for the interview with Craig Winn author of Prophet of Doom.

In this interview he deals well with most of the usual objections and platitudes which are so often raised when one tries to explain the issue of Islam with those who refuse to understand not all groups and ideologies are morally equal. Take the time and listen to this. Have a ham sandwich and a beer handy and enjoy.

Once again, here is the link.

As an afterthought, I am not 100% sure on this, but I believe that the reason that Ottawa’s CFRA AM radio was forced to drop Coast to Coast AM, the Art Bell show, was because Art had Craig Winn on as a guest interviewing him about his book Prophet of Doom. The CRTC Canada’s governing body of broadcast media gave him one warning and when he had Mr. Winn on for a second time Canada’s government forced it off the air much as they did to Dr. Laura Slesinger for her opinion on homosexuality. The sad thing about this kind of censorship beyond the obvious, no one should be shielded by government from people’s opinions, is that people do not know what they cannot access. They don’t know it exists nor do they know they are being shielded from it in Canada’s case.

I have yet to meet a single Canadian who actually knows that Dr. Laura is forbidden from the airwaves here or Art Bell. This is a great deal worse than China or the Soviet Union’s censorship as at least they where acutly aware of state control of what they may hear see or think.

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