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4 Replies to “Very important video on the UN resolution against blasphemy and Obama admin”

  1. The world’s gone crazy, sometimes I feel like Tony Soprano in episode 1, when he tells Dr. Melfi that he has a sinking feeling that he’s at the end of everything good ..

  2. Niccolo except it should have been Melfi who said that and she would have been right. And it would be partially Melfi’s fault. There is only one thing I agree with Scientology on, and that’s the uselessness and danger of psychiatry in some ways. Not for the same reasons as they of course but for the promotion of post modernism and the idea that no one is responsible for anything. But in any case, yes it would appear that we may well be at the end of anything good. Unless many of us are prepared to fight against violent Muslims and our Dhimmi governments who appease at great cost to us so they don’t have to risk looking bad to the left or in fact, are the left who see Islam as it’s natural ally as collectivists seeking to destroy any sense of individualism we have left.

  3. You’ve got it easy down there. Imagine the newspeak going on op here in Canada. Not just the speaking but the thinking too. According many Canadians you meet, our “flawless” health care is a right higher than speech or our soldiers only act as peacekeepers and not warriors. It’s sad to seee our two great nations go down the drain. It all starts with speech.

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