sitting in the light

It is 8:55  here in California. I am sitting in my house  all alone. I am scared to death.  My lights are all on. I can see everything. And yet, and yet as  I look outside I see nothing.  Every light on the block is out. It is pitch black, except at my house.    fucking sheep!  But in the morning they will know me like they have never known me before! baaa baaa…..will they speak to me?  will I be an outcast and not know it?  It is eerie, baaa baaa…I hear the sound everywhere…. crap, where is everybody?  Are they home crouching in their dark corners, or did they cheat and go out to a place which is well lit?  the movies?, baaa,  the restaurants?   a bar?…..baaaa…..wil they surround my house like in the “Omega Man” ? I suddenly feel like Charleton Heston….where is my rifle? baaaa  baaaa…shit they are closing in…baaaaa.  What a night…on;y 28 minutes to go and then I can turn off my lights.  baaa  baaa…..the dog is looking at me …does she know that she is owned by an outsider, an infidel….will the other dogs shun her tomorrow?   aaaaaaaaggghahagah……..ok  ok it’s ok….I am ok…..I am going to watch my big fucking plasma tv now with all the lights on..baaa  baaaa ………..pray  for me—-even you atheists……in california I am a dying breed….the “last of the watt burners”  …I shall sleep well tonight….just slightly afraid of all the darkers. the sheep, the mob……I suddenly ache for the Hunchback, for Frankenstein, …..lucky robinson crusoe, he had it made!  oh well it is almost over…..baaa  baaa  baaa I hear it everywhere……

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  1. I actually forgot Earth Hour and our city Nashville was one of the chosen few to have a big ceremony downtown. I had intended on turning on all the lights–but alas I was watching a movie and forgot all about my evil maniacal intentions of setting the house ablaze in lights. News came on late on the CBS channel and they showed the big hoopla downtown as all the lights went out building by building–in some ways I liked it better when I was clueless — it was only about 3 weeks ago that I figured out what all the billboards meant–We aren’t afraid of the dark.

  2. I had planned on making a youtube vid poking fun at all the sheeple participating in this one hour a year, I’m saving the planet bullshit. However hazy conditions made my video useless. So I stood on the 12th floor deck of my building in Toronto, smoking and waiting to see a great change. There was a some but nothing much anyways. But it was not a total waste of, at least I got some amusement out of the people that came up there with their kids, spouses and friends all talking how you should have seen it last year. So much better.
    Anyways Charles, good post and great humour.

  3. I celebrated “Human Achievement” hour too! Turned every light on, turned on the party lights on my deck, fired up my 7 string guitar, 4X12 amp and shredded out “Star Spangled Banner” loud and proud. Liberal ludites and other assorted herd animal neighbors don’t like me anyway. More than happy to be the light in their dark world.

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