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An Ambassador’s Warning to the French People- Brussels Journal:

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Here is a text from the pen of René Servoise, former ambassador of France to Indonesia. It is posted at Bivouac-Id, Le Post and Terre d’Israel. Despite its length, I chose to abridge it only slightly.

A mutation of our nation is in progress. It is growing, it is profound but uncontrolled. In all likelihood, the immense majority of Frenchmen are unaware of it.

Hundreds of thousands of Muslim families, from North Africa, the Middle East and black Africa – whose religion, aspirations and mores are radically different from ours – now live on our soil. Their birth rate is higher than that of European families. What is the consequence? Within 30 years the population of Islamist culture could be in the majority among those 40 years old or younger. “In France, we will have between 6 and 8 million Arabs by the years 2005 – 2010,” said Edgar Pisani, honorary president of the Arab World Institute. We have been duly warned: this is a radical transformation (political, economic, cultural and social) of our society.

This mutation is in progress at the very moment when, to use Toynbee’s expression, “an external proletariat” is forming on the southern and western shores of the Mediterranean Sea. This army of reservists came about as a result of the birth rate of these peoples, and the absence of an economic policy capable of guaranteeing them a decent life in their homeland. In front of them lie France, Italy, Spain and Germany, lands of mirage, highly developed, with guaranteed employment, free social protection and education. Who could resist the call of this “promised land”?

At the same time, all over the world, roused by immense hopes, Islam is enjoying an unprecedented revival. It is awakening after a long night. It has renewed vigor, pugnacity and ambitions. From Morocco to Indonesia, from the Muslim States of Central Asia to black Africa, more than one billion two hundred million men – young compared to the aging populations of Europe – constitute a “community” (Umma).

It is transnational, motivated by spiritual aspirations, material demands and political ambitions, and (here and there) financed by revenue from oil.

In France, the successive waves of Italians, Poles, central European Jews, Spaniards and Portuguese, had never posed comparable problems of integration. Why? Because they belonged to the European branch. Their religious traditions and their ambition to acquire more individual freedoms facilitated their assimilation. Finally – and this is far from the least important reason – these immigrants expressed a desire to share the destiny of the French nation. To meld into it. Integration cannot be decreed. In order for it to materialize it must be desired by two, this is obvious. And the two must converge. Today, the situation is different, radically different. An active and determined minority among the Islamists refuses integration. Deliberately.

In close communion with Islam (its matrix), it is receptive to orders from abroad, to spiritual counsel, ideology and financial support. And much more. Not only does it intend to keep its identity, but to re-Islamize the non-practicing, if not convert the natives of the host country to the true faith. Islam has never conceived of itself as a minority in a secular State, but necessarily as the majority religion. (…) Exalted by its renewal, propelled both by its demography and its absence of economic development, infiltrating wherever there is no resistance, Islam is advancing like a wave.

The French people can measure its vitality by the number of mosques multiplying on their territory (sometimes with the help of Catholic and lay leaders), mosques run by imams 96% of whom are from foreign countries. Also by the prospect of seeing – in the second half of the 21st century – the fall of Catholicism in France to second rank, leaving first place to Islam.

Thus two dynamics are developing: one inside our borders (…); the other outside (…) Concomitant and convergent, these changes are determining factors for Europe and for the French nation where the demographic stagnation is alarming.

The map below shows the growth of mosques, with the dark green areas indicating more than 30 mosques. The years range from 1985 to 2008. Their growth is amazing.

Every nation expresses itself through a subtle, delicate and secret balance between dreams, ambitions and strengths, sometimes contradictory, transcended by a common aspiration to live together and to do great things together. This national identity is for some its soul; for others its genius. Each nation is a plant nourished by a land and a History, pride in its past. “Immediate to the heart of God,” it is unique and therefore justified.How many centuries, wars, concessions, sacrifices and omissions were necessary for France, England, Spain and Germany to overcome – finally – their internal divisions and to become what they are!

If it is fitting – as Montesquieu recommends – to only touch institutions with a trembling hand, what can one say about the respect due the profound harmony of our nation, its internal composition – the measure of its permanence and of its performance?

To the lessons drawn from our past, the present adds new warnings about the future on a daily basis. How can we allow ourselves to be blinded to the point of not seeing the proliferation and the exasperation of ethnic and religious conflicts all around us, since the same causes produce the same effects?

He then lists some of the numerous ethnic conflicts in the world, including those in Asia, Africa and Europe.

Are we Frenchmen, after having overcome so many rebellions, insurrections and revolutions, after having liquidated our quarrels between Catholics, Protestants, Israelites and Free Thinkers; between nobles, bourgeois and proletariat, about to allow conditions that foster disintegration to take hold?

Warning. If native Frenchmen fail to be the most numerous, we will see that our days are numbered. If we fail to limit the number of immigrants, we will be judged as wanting in the scales of History. If we fail to affirm our national ambition, we will set the stage for the bursting apart of our nation.

Remember. One day, in Babylon, on the wall of his palace, Belshazzar saw letters written in fire, three warnings: MENE MENE, TEKEL, PARSIN. The prophet Daniel translated them thus:

“God has numbered the days of your kingdom and brought it to an end.”

“You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting.”

“Your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and the Persians.”

For us today the warnings come daily on our TV screens. But no prophet dares translate them.

What kind of France, dear reader, do you hope to bequeath to your children?

Rembrandt’s Belshazzar’s Feast (1635) captures the scene of fear. (National Gallery, London)

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  1. The problem is not the number of mosques in operation, it is the percentage of them directed by radical imans… In the 80s, 50% of them where under the control of radical muslims, now it’s around 80% …

  2. Pierre Carbonneau, I think the problem is indeed partly the sheer number of mosques. Islam is an extreme religion, even if many Muslims are secular. Numerous polls of Muslims suggest that 50% or more may prefer to live under Islamic law. Because Islam’s doctrines, theology and chief exemplar are extreme, there will be some degree, often an unacceptable degree, of what you call Islamic radicalism, wherever there are mosques. An Islamic radical use violent or stealthy non-violent and gradual methods to subjugate non-Muslims under the rule of Islamic law. Recall that Muhammad himself, in several of the most canonical hadith traditions, said, “If someone changes his Islamic religion, then kill him.” That is why all the main schools of Islamic law call for the death penalty for apostasy from Islam. And there is much else in Islam and Muhammad that are what you have called “radical.” Until mainstream Islam disavows a great deal of the Qur’an, hadiths and sira (early bios of Muhammad), the number of mosques will be the problem.

  3. It is simply numbers. With more Muslims you get more Muslim fanatics. With more Muslims it is easier for more Muslim fanatics to hide within the Muslim population. With more Muslim fanatics, you will have more Islamic violence. When enough Muslim fanatics are within your society – they will simply take over.

    Just look at Lebanon – and see what has happened in the last 40 years.

    All of Western Europe is on the brink of a disaster of immense proportions. Will Western European civilization even be able to survive? Will it awaken before it is too late? Will a European/Islamic civil war destroy Western Europe?

  4. If one takes a short course in the history of Islam, one will quickly come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as “radical Islam”, because the command convert, subjugate or kill all infidels is the prime directive of Islam.

    Also, if one reads about the history of the life of Muhammed, the founder of Islam, one will quickly come to the conclusion that this man was evil incarnate, a sadistic sociopathic, a murdered, a decapitator, a mutilator, an enslaver, a thief, a mysogonyst-polygamist-paedophile, a genocidist.

    People need to quit being ostriches, pull their heads out of the sand and spend a few hours learning about this death cult. It is antithetical to all that we in the free, democratic, liberal west stand for.

    Don’t believe me? Just read the Koran, the Hadith, the life of Muhammed, and the 1,400 year history of Islamic supremecist holy war. It’s all there, recorded in black & white for all who dare to read it.

    ~ The Infidel Alliance

  5. Good post, thanks for bringing it out. This is my first visit here and will hit the rest of your site. Perhaps when Obama writes another letter to President “Jacques Chirac” (yes, I know) he’ll get the message. At any rate we here in the US should be using Europe as a wake up call and not blindly seeing that Islam is not an evil cult vs. a religion. I am going to do a short excerpt and link back here for your full post. Perhaps it will drive you a little more traffic and allow more people to see what is really going on.
    Bob A.

  6. This is a phenomenon which has no precendent in the modern human history: a whole continent is about to be taken over by barbarian invaders,without any kind of opposition by the local population.
    Not only has not been any kind of opposition, but the invading barbarians have been invited in and received with open arms, provided with food and shelter, with medical care and education and with the freedom of the kind they never dreamed of in their own native lands.
    The invading hordes are being praised by the traitors in the media, no matter how terrible the wave of murders, rapes, robberies, honor killing, genital mutilations, stabings and bombings, the media are not reporting about or if they do they try to hide the identity of the perpetrators.
    The invading hordes of barbarians are being given on a silver platter all and any favours they ask for and the ones they never ask for at all, by the coward and lying politicians.
    The local population is becoming nothing more than slaves that do the work and are being taxed to death in order to pay the expenses of the new islamic masters….the local people are becoming foreigners in their own country, unwelcomed, despised and hated by the media, the academia and the politicians.
    For France it is already 10 minutes to midnight!
    The muslim murderers are waiting for the moment to take over, to erase the french culture, the french language and the french nation, as they did in all of the lands they have conquered over the last 12 centuries.
    A contry that has given so much to the civilized world ,has lost its survival instinct and it is about to commit national suicide.
    Your children and great children will damn you to burn in hell for giving your country away to muslim masters.

  7. And by the way, when the muslim barbarians take over, who do you think will be the first people they will murder ?… the idiots in the media, the politicians, the liberals in academia, the gays, the feminists, etc.
    The very people who facilitated the silamic invasion will be the first victims to the islamic masters.

  8. So ,how will Europeans take back their countries ? The only way that it can be done is by force. Unfortunately no one has the testes to do it.

  9. Fisr step to fight islam is to stop political correctnes and openly expose islam and it’s evil terrorist prophet in all forums. Tell the world that islam is not a religion it is an ideology of hate and violence and also tell that Mohammed robbed raped and killed. Listen to Craig Winn who wrote the best book ever written on Quran and Mohammed.
    http://www.radiojihad.org/ (March 27 show)

  10. Sania,

    You are correct, but better hurry! The UN Council on Human Rights just voted to make “Islamophobia” a crime, so you could be arrested for saying what you just said!

  11. Perhaps you French should consider ‘street action’ against Islam. You protest everything else in the streets. Why not the spread of Islam in your midst?

    Then proceed to change your laws that your police force actually enforces. Such as a ‘Hate Crime Law.’ Here in Canada, we have such laws. It keeps these would be Haters of everything non-muslim in check. It reminds Muslims here that a knife cuts both ways. ‘If you can not tolerate the differences in others and you violate their right to be different, such as call them names, harass them, persecute them, slander them, then you will be charged with Hate Crime.

    It keeps these Muslim haters of everything non-muslim in check, and respectful of people who are different from them.

    So, if you really believe in tolerance of differences, create a Hate Crime Law modeled after Canadian law. You’ll be amazed how well it works, keeping these third world religious tyrants respectful and benign to the rest of a diverse and multicultural society within Canada.

  12. Steve Edward: That had better be sarcasm. So far the hate crimes laws have been used ONLY to people who factually point out the flaws and facts of Islam and the human rights commissions have declined to hear any complaint brought to them against the most vile and even outright criminal publications by Muslims such as this one:
    http://vladtepesblog.com/?p=4016 and by the way France has these same idiotic laws which have been used to fine and harass Bridgitte Bardot for making statements about Islam and to the best of my knowledge have not been used once against any Muslim. So I take it your post was sarcasm as in fact the various HRC’s world wide have put those of us who wish to stop the hatred perpetrated by Muslims on all things non Muslim in a pincer between the Muslims themselves and our own governments.

  13. Make no mistake. If you don’t take action, muslims will divide, destroy and rule France/Europe as soon as they constitute about 20% of the population. This will happen sooner than later given the growth rates. South Asia’s experience should be a warning bell for Europe.

    Muslims don’t have any respect or love for European people or culture.

  14. It is truly amazing that the West (the US, Europe, and Autralia) has allowed itself to be destroyed byMuslims. Does this not imply that there was something wrong in the formulation of these societies? They seemed not constructed such that they are unable to defend against a truly insidious, ruthless, bigoted minority. What is fascinating is that Europeans have had no trouble crushing minorities when they were helpless or loyal, but now when faced with an actual enemy they fall flaccid. This is why I disagree with those who say that it is “political correctness” that has kept Europe from stopping Muslim immigration, and deporting, arresting, and/or executing its mortal enemies. If it were political correctness, then it would be the weak who would be protected. But it is only the vicious and violent Muslims who are protected, so it is not political correctness. It is simply fear. I think the only way to save Europe is for there to be a raising of racial consciousness. Because this is not simply a pure “religious” conflict. Even the Muslims themselves speak incessantly of Arab supremacy. This is an Arab versus European war. The Europeans can only fight if they identify themselves racially as Europeans and realize they have a right to defend their land. This does not mean they have to slaughter all non-Europeans, but it does mean that they would have to slaughter all Muslims who follow the Koran, which calls for the destruction of non-Muslims.

  15. Finally people who realise teh threat of islamisation in Europe. I live in the US, but have wanted to move to France for a long time. Sadly France, is one of the largest countries at risk. Probably second to Belgium. Europe (especially France, UK, Belgium, and Germany need to change their “politically correctness”, and stop letting muslims get their sheria rights. Too many times have muslims got away with things, that any regular citizen would be punished for.

    Eruope definately needs to do someting, to fight these barbarian invaders.

    It is the Romans versys the Gauls. Gauls were taking over Europe when the Romans , conquered them with a civilized country. Modern France is not the Gauls, It is Europe. We still remain the civilized country, opposing a barbaric religion, that threatens to take it over. Please email me so we can discuss this issue. And native Frenchman (Especially southern french) seriously, stop converting Islam. It isnt the true religion, it is against all France, and Europe stands for. The Islamic republic nations are living off values that wee used 700 years ago.

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