The Truth Exposed: Islamic Terrorist Training & Fundraising in America


  It’s not a game. These are not people just talking tough around the kitchen table. These are groups of people that are organised and backed up with both skill and finance. When will the Americas wake up to the fact that this danger can no longer be ignored? As the man ringing the alarm bell goes deaf, Canada and the U.S. continue to sleep.

By Doug Hagmann The Canada Free Press March 24-09

Since 2004, investigators of the Northeast Intelligence Network have been performing an extensive investigation and surveillance operation of the activities of Jamaat ul Fuqra, an Islamic terrorist group that is currently active and operational across the US and Canada. The findings of our investigation and surveillance operations are as extensive as they are disturbing.

This organization of Muslim terrorists are actively training for urban warfare, infiltrating our government institutions, securing positions of public trust, and raising substantial sums of money through a wide range of white collar criminal activity and Islamic charities which is being funneled to terrorist kingpin Sheikh Mubarek Ali Gilani in Pakistan. The money is used for terrorist operations and organizational advancement. From their US headquarters in rural Delaware county, New York at the base of the Catskills where recruitment is brisk, especially from within our prison system, they have also reinforced their operations into Mexico, Latin America, the Virgin Islands, and elsewhere. Their primary focus, however, remains the US and Canada, and their targets are both religious and secular in nature, with emphasis on the former. Such targets include Jews and Christians, churches and synagogues, and perhaps most insidiously, our schools and school children. The latter will be for psychological effect.

Members associated with this terrorist organization have killed and will kill and attack again, although their future attacks will be much more horrific. Mark my words.

It is important to point out that the results of our investigations have been submitted to numerous local, state and federal law enforcement agencies within the US and Canada. In fact, over the last few years excerpts from our submitted reports have appeared verbatim in law enforcement bulletins, been the subject of a number of news reports within the media, and referenced on numerous Internet blogs. Still images copied from video footage surreptitiously secured during our on-site surveillance operations have turned up on countless web sites, been included in books, and shown on national television.

Despite the submission of evidence to authorities at the highest of levels, the followers of top Palistani Sheikh Mubarek Ali Gilani, the man who Wall Street Journal reporter was allegedly on his way to interview when he was kidnapped and beheaded, continue to operate their conclaves of seditious conspiracy unfettered by any agency tasked with securing our homeland against threats. Not only do they continue in their missions, they are embraced by clueless politicians and allowed parades that close American streets to celebrate Mohammed’s birthday, joined by equally clueless revelers in an orgy of interfaith dialogue. One can question “why,” although perhaps an answer to the latter question could be found by speaking to Tarik Abdelazim, Executive Assistant to Mayor Matthew Ryan of Binghamton, NY

It is most disturbing and important to point out that despite such widespread coverage and level of law enforcement awareness, however, this terrorist organization not only continues to exist, but has become exponentially more dangerous than the day we first began our investigation in 2004. There are several but simple reasons for this.

This terrorist organization has been permitted to exist, operate and flourish under the freedom of religious education and sheltered by democratic laws, both rights that are treasured by Americans and flawlessly exploited by Jamaat ul Fulqra in the form of The Muslims of America and The International Qu’ranic Open University. They have deliberately nested themselves within rural communities and carefully structured a life-style of isolationism within their enclaves. Beyond the perimeter of their compounds, some members have secured employment in the security industry, in finance, and public service. Their relatively quiet existence within their own community, created by a strictly enforced code of conduct taught by Gilani himself, has effectively created the perception with some local residents of the communities in which they live that they are “good neighbors.” The absence of law enforcement calls to their community is often cited as evidence of their upstanding behavior and reinforces this appearance. Unfortunately, some people don’t understand that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

It should have been of no surprise, then, as the findings of our investigation and surveillance operations began to emerge on Internet websites in early 2005, the members of this organization quickly denounced allegations of illegal, improper or seditious activity as rooted in religious intolerance. They protested that observations or documentation of questionable or suspicious activity were misunderstood, misinterpreted or convoluted to intentionally portray something sinister, an explanation that has been eagerly accepted by those who don’t believe that such activity could exist in their neighborhood. Even Gilani himself took umbrage with our findings, so much so that he published a diatribe accusing me of trying to initiate a holy war against Islam. I still have the business card from the federal official who first told me about Gilani’s displeasure with me, and his suggestion that anonymity offers more protection than body armor.

As exposure of the legitimate threat posed by Jamaat ul Fuqra grew, there was a proportional growth in the number of bloggers more interested in writing dramatic headlines about the terrorist group, while others, not unlike storm chasers who get an adrenaline rush from chasing tornados, took day trips to search out the compounds for themselves. It became a cottage industry of Internet sleuths who were more interested in getting jump and run photos of well-placed signs and other artifacts of the controversial properties.

This became the norm for many Internet researchers, rather than engaging in the tedious but professionally necessary investigative task of documenting facts and evidence. Sadly, the tabloid mentality consumed even the most popular denizens of the blogoshphere, all chasing headlines in a frenzy for notoriety.  That mentality was further illustrated by the recent production of a documentary of this terrorist organization, and was panned by at least one major media network for its hype over substance. This is one rare occasion where in my capacity as an investigator do I find myself in agreement with the network.

The documentary is based in part on a report submitted to law enforcement by the Regional Organized Crime Information Center (ROCIC), in which the Northeast Intelligence Network is cited as a source. The report also contains significant historical information mixed with information current at the time of its 2006 publication, some of which cannot be referenced as current or presented as evidence of current activity in 2009. Doing so gives those who are determined to minimize the threat, or even deny that any threat exists, enough of an opportunity to do so by pointing to such perceived inaccuracies. It also empowers the enemy by marginalizing those who are attempting to present clear and factual evidence in an effort to educate a wary public about a growing danger.

Spawned perhaps by the renewed interest in the terrorist organization and superficial references on Internet blogs did the attention-deficit corporate media again become interested, rushing once more to grab some suitable footage of a terrorist training camp in America. Unfortunately, they could not see through the veneer of contrived serenity, and were disappointed by the lack of directional signs pointing to the nearest Salman Pak mock-up. Whether they were denied the ability to look around or most recently, denied entry onto private property despite multiple requests, their disappointment seemed to manifest itself as a situation where “there is nothing to see here.” Leaving the audience confused about whether the headquarters of the terrorist group Jamaat ul Fuqra was akin to a year-around bible retreat or a boot camp for followers of Mohammed, the media will again lose interest as they had not uncovered any evidence by merely showing up and asking for it.

It is for the above reasons that Jamaat ul Fuqra is now more dangerous than ever, more emboldened, more organized, and more powerful. The blood of the next victims of Gilani and his disciples will be on the hands of many, spread through the hegemonic influence of Internet, an inept media, and at the highest levels of an infiltrated American government who have been aware of this group’s existence and activities for not only the last five years, but the last 2 ½ decades.

To fully understand the horrific nature of the threat posed by Gilani the terrorist and those who have sworn allegiance to him, it is necessary to understand their renewed objectives, their current method of operation, and perhaps most importantly, how they have adapted and their operations have evolved as a result of the spotlight that has been shined upon them over the last few years.

And I intend to do just that.

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