British man brutally beaten in broad daylight by Muslim thugs

[kaltura-widget wid=”ppjapeqnv6″ width=”410″ height=”364″ addpermission=”3″ editpermission=”3″ /]From The Star UK. British man brutally beaten in broad daylight. The video here is of CCCT Cameras which do surveillance on most of London. The brazenness with which these Islamic thugs attacked an indigenous British citizen shows the callous disregard for British law and culture. No one in London doesn’t know of the cameras. They just do not care. Much like the Australian subway beating from a couple of weeks ago.

Below please see the article from the Star:
Published Date: 23 March 2009
By Sarah Dunn

THREE teenage thugs have been caged after subjecting a man to a brutal beating in broad daylight – tackling him to the ground before repeatedly jumping on his head and kicking him.
Sheffield Crown Court was shown shocking CCTV footage of the vicious attack on Craig Rocket, who tried twice to stagger away before stumbling, dazed, to the ground.

Judge John Swanson called the footage “quite horrifying” – and said he had presided over murder cases in which far less violence had been used.

Mr Rocket was on his way home from an afternoon out with friends when trouble erupted outside the bus station in Rotherham town centre as he finished off a cigarette. A gang of around five or six Asian youths started following him and threatening comments were made.

Mr Rocket became so worried he took out his mobile phone to pretend he was talking to a friend, and eventually ran off from the group in fear. But Easem Rariq, aged 19, and Moseeb Zabear, 17, chased after him, along with another teenager, Howis Iqbal, also 17.

Rariq rugby-tackled Mr Rocket to ground before Zabear jumped on his head. Iqbal then joined in, repeatedly kicking Mr Rocket to his body.

Judge Swanson said the level of violence Mr Rocket endured was “almost unbelievable”.

“I have seen a video of what happened which is quite horrifying,” he
told the court. “I have known murder cases where there was considerably less violence used than in this case.” In fact, miraculously, Mr Rocket escaped with only superficial injuries from the attack on September 20 last year.

Rariq, of Boswell Street, Rotherham; Zabear, of Clough Green, Masbrough; and Iqbal, of Shawsfield Road, Broom, Rotherham, all pleaded guilty to attempting to cause grievous bodily harm with intent.

They claimed Mr Rocket had been making racist remarks towards them but no evidence was put before the court.

They were each sentenced to two years in a young offenders institution.

Sam Andrews, defending Zabear, said he was remorseful about what he had done and added personal and professional references showed evidence of a man “in stark contrast” to the thug seen on the CCTV footage.

Dapinder Singh, for Rariq, and Nawaz Hussain, for Iqbal, both said their clients were also remorseful for their actions.

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10 Replies to “British man brutally beaten in broad daylight by Muslim thugs”

  1. hahaha as an actual Romanian I feel compelled to point out the comedic ignorance of the genius who took the name of one of our country’s Medieval Kings and tacked it to this xenophobic and poorly written blog. This is the kind of stuff teenage Nazis would have been keeping diaries about in Germany 80 years ago, only it would have been about the Jewish threat in Europe.

    Anyway, I’m sure our great ancestor Vlad Tepes did not die defending his country so that some spoiled white inner city kids in some Western city could compare his battles against the Ottoman Empire to fear of a Muslim family living down the street. Our people fought against conquest when we had an empire’s armies at our doorstep, not because of a friggin prayer room in our airport or a mosque on the other side of town. Today Romania and Turkey (you know, the country your blog’s namesake went to war against) are very close allies and trading partners. So as someone who is actually one of Vlad’s descendants and from a country that was historically attacked by Turks and Muslims, let me suggest a more appropriate Romanian idol for you to plagiarizie: Corneliu Zelea Codreanu. Look him up kid, and get a ticket into the 21st century, cause it looks like even Eastern Europeans are beating you to it.

  2. Yes Victor I can close my eyes and picture the Nazis youth collecting news clipping and writing down the stories so that there would be a record of the gangs of Jewish thugs burning and looting German neighborhoods whenever they felt offended. All this while the the masses did all they could to appease Jewish anger with kind words and special rules in the work place. Even going as far as changing the laws of the land so that Germany could fit in with Jewish cultural and religious beliefs. All of this was done to diminish the threat of a violent attack from the Jews once their numbers grew. Still nothing seemed to calm the Jew. Yes scary times indeed for the young nazis.
    I am always amased at what people can see with thier eyes closed.

  3. They always ask for sharia law. Why don’t we give it to them in instances like this one? ( Sharia states that when a person is killed, the killer is to be put to death by the relatives of the person, in the manner of their choice; In this particular case, these three animals should get the same tretment as they inflicted to the british person.
    Victor Eliade, you might be a turk or a turkophile or an idiot but not a Romanian. Did you watch the video, you freaking moron? Did you hear what the judge said about this beating? Unde ai vazut tu asa mare alianta intre romani si turci? De sute de ani tot romanul tine minte zicala: “Vin turcii!” ca pe o lectie despre contactul dintre noi si ei. Vlad Tepes a murit aparind tara de turci, tragindu-i in teapa. A aparat tara de turci, nu i-a invitat pe strada la noi sau sa isi faca moschei in cealalta parte a orasului nostru plin cu biserici. A aparat tara pentru ca ei venau sa ne cotropeasca, sa ne ceara tribut. Vlad Tepes si alti mari romani au APARAT tara pentru ca ei erau atacatorii si nu noi. La fel si astazi, tot ei sint invadatorii, dar noi nu ne mai aparam la fel de bine: noi cu cuvintele( bloguri pe internet) si ei cu forta pe strada( mai bine zis cu numarul). Ai tu habar ce umilinta a suferit Brancoveanu si copii lui intr-un Istanbul, la mina turcilor, de Sfanta Maria?

  4. hahaha uite ca Noua Dreapta si-a gasit o conectie de internet! Sorry, I meant *most* Eastern Europeans don’t have their heads in their asses and realize we aren’t in the Middle Ages anymore. Tu tii cu un magar ca asta (get it) peste unul din tara ta?

    Da bai domne, Turcii sunt invadatorii, de acea facem mai mult trading cu ei decat cu orice alta tara din Balcani si Orientul Mijlociu. Oare dormeai cand ei ne-au ajutat sa intram in NATO si acum cand guvernul Roman ii vrea in EU? Sau tu esti unul din romanii aia tampiti care traieste undeva in Australia si habar n-are ce se mai intampla in tara lui? Sau poate esti un Rus care vrea sa uite care tara ne-a dat cel mai mare necaz in ultimele secole? Tepes ura turcii, dar nici nu suporta prosti ca tine prea bine.

    Eeyore: apparently they don’t have history books in the Hundred Acre Wood, but even so bringing up Ataturk in a debate about radical Islam is about as intelligent as bringing up Dawkins as an example of right-wing Christianity. Ataturk had no problems with Romania or Europe, being a pretty big Islamophobe himself. Keep misrepresenting other country’s heroes though, you’re doing a hell of job bro

  5. Thanks for proving my point for me. Read your first post again. Then you may feel you have contradicted yourself. Ataturk felt the threat to Turkey was Islam and passed the most anti Islamic laws on earth which arguably saved Turkey. Sadly his legacy is fading and Turkey is sliding back into superstitious nonsense. In any case, if you can stop being snide and insulting long enough you may manage to follow a logical thread. As you are likely Muslim your intention is not to find a conclusion but attack anyone who opposes Islamic manifest destiny. That is fairly evident.

  6. Did it ever occur to anyone that the guy that got beaten up could have asked for it. He must have done something to end up getting bashed. But still the beating was wrong. I just cant believe the three had randomly beaten him up for no reason.

  7. I do not agree with Victor Eliade. Rational opposition to Islam is not xenophobic and when one looks at what happens in the West one can easily understand why people are worried, we would be too if it happened in our country. Also, the Romanian superior attitude towards westerners is as stupid as feeling inferior to them. They’re just men and women, in some ways like us, in some ways different. People with good principles and a firm spine do not need to proclaim their superiority, nor to bow down to other nations. Both attitudes are useless. We’re all equal in God’s eyes. This comes from a nationalist tradition-loving Orthodox Romanian.
    However… is the author/initiator of this blog Romanian? If not, it would be indeed better to not use Vlad’s name, otherwise readers (like me) would automatically assume this is the initiative of a Romanian from the diaspora. Surely everyone has a heritage they can claim and does not need to use a foreign historical figure (if that is the case). Each people with its own culture, it’s only fair.

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