Canadian women to be beheaded. This one is karmic justice.

A Canadian women who converted to Islam and joined the chorus of typical anti western, America hating hyperbole slinging useful idiot leftists and then went to Pakistan to make a propaganda film for the jihadi’s, has been kidnapped, held for ransom and claims she will be killed at the end of the month.

I do not think I will be rushing to raise money for her release given that she actually raised money for them from her comfortable Vancouver abode.

Here is a link to her actual web site. This, to quote a senior member of the Anti Jihad, is the ugly face of Islam in the west:

Please see story from the Ottawa Citizen today:

Kidnapped Canadian says she will be killed

A Canadian woman being held hostage in northern Pakistan says her captors are planning to behead her at the end of the month if a ransom isn’t paid. In a video posted on the Globe and Mail’s website, a pale and haggard-looking Beverly Giesbrecht, 52, begins to cry as says her “time is very short.” “I’m going to be killed. As you can see,” said Giesbrecht pointing at a long knife hanging behind her, “I’m going to be beheaded just like the Polish engineer (Piotr Stanczak), probably by the end of the month.” The former West Vancouver resident was kidnapped in November along with three guides. Giesbrecht, who’s now known as Khadija Abdul Qahaar after converting to Islam, was taken while travelling to record video for a British journalist.

UPDATE: Ottawa Citizen

Here is an older article detailing just how bad this woman and her group of cheerleaders are…

Last September, a Vancouver woman named Beverly Giesbrecht published her personal reflections on the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks.

Giesbrecht, 52, used the opportunity to celebrate militant Islam. She talked about the “good news” that the Taliban in Afghanistan were killing NATO soldiers and she praised the “Iraqi Resistance” for killing Americans. The real enemy, she said, was “Zionist-controlled America,” and she called upon the Muslim Ummah — the worldwide Islamic community — to form a united front.

Canadian security officials undoubtedly read Giesbrecht’s manifesto, because they would have been monitoring her Internet site, one of the few openly pro-Islamist sites operating out of Canada. Giesbrecht has exactly the biography that would draw the attention of intelligence authorities.

According to her writings, she was ignorant of Islam until 9/11. The attacks captivated her, and she started living on the Internet, reading everything she could about al-Qaeda. “I remember sitting at five in the morning, exhausted … staring at the face of Osama bin Laden,” she wrote. “This man does not have the face of a cold-blooded killer.”

She started travelling to Egypt, Malaysia and other parts of the Muslim world, eventually converting to Islam and adopting the name Khadija Abdul Qahaar. There is no evidence that she has ever committed a crime, or is capable of doing so, but her evolution into a jihadist spokeswoman was a textbook narrative of radicalization.

Shortly after Giesbrecht wrote her reflections on 9/11 last fall, she was kidnapped near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, where she had gone to meet with and film the Taliban. The Taliban proved more unwelcoming than she expected, and this week a video surfaced of her pleading for help.

“I have been in captivity for almost three months,” she says. “I wake up in the dark, and I go to sleep in the dark.” In the video there are two militants carrying machine guns. Giesbrecht, wearing a blue hijab, looks tired and scared.

In the last decade there have been numerous high-profile cases of westerners identifying with radical Islam, a phenomenon that almost always has a bad outcome. The psychological model is that of joining a cult. The western recruit typically has a troubled personal history. Giesbrecht has described herself as a chronic alcoholic and former teenage mom who found redemption in religion.

The most alarming cases are those in which the convert becomes an agent of violence, such as John Walker Lindh, the disenfranchised young American who fought for the Taliban in Afghanistan and is now in a U.S. prison. He was a teenager in an affluent California community when he adopted the name Sulayman, started walking around in white robes and a turban, and then made his way to jihadist training camps overseas.

In England, there was Richard Reid, a street criminal who discovered Islam while serving time in a facility for young offenders. Reid went on to become the infamous “shoe bomber,” who tried — unsuccessfully — to bring down an airplane with an exploding sneaker. Reid’s father used the term “brainwashed” to describe what happened to his son, as did John Walker Lindh’s family.

Beverly Giesbrecht’s Internet writings suggest that she too completely exchanged her old identity for a new one. She lost her closest friends, and began to see enemies around every corner — “Jewish vigilantes,” she called them.

“I am not … mentally off-balance,” she has written. “On the contrary, I am a level-headed, capable woman.”

Although she has much affection for Muslim fundamentalists, the fundamentalists showed poor hospitality by taking her hostage. Giesbrecht likely assumed she’d be safe among the Taliban, that they’d recognize her as one of their own. That was a dangerous assumption. Militant Islam represents a superstitious, violent and pre-modern way of life; its adherents are unpredictable.

This was demonstrated in 2004 when extremists in Iraq kidnapped and murdered aid worker Margaret Hassan. The 59-year-old Hassan was an Irish-born convert to Islam who knew Arabic and had spent much of her adult life in Iraq, under appalling conditions, trying to improve the lives of ordinary Muslims. It all ended with a grainy videotape on al-Jazeera, showing a blindfolded Hassan being shot.

One wonders what Giesbrecht is thinking now. Does she recognize that the variety of Islam practised by the Taliban is not so romantic after all? Unlikely. Giesbrecht has invested too much in her new cosmology. Beverly Giesbrecht of West Vancouver may not even exist anymore, having been displaced by Khadija Abdul Qahaar. People who undergo so deep a transformation are not easily de-programmed.

The Taliban’s cruelty then becomes proof not of the bankruptcy of its ideology but, rather, evidence of the West’s villainy. This is, for example, how sympathizers rationalize suicide terrorism. The horror of the attack reflects the despair of the attackers.

It may be that the worse her captors treat her, the more convinced Giesbrecht will be in the justice of their cause.

Leonard Stern is the Citizen’s editorial pages editor.


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  1. And Canadians should care about this lady? These are her people, she supported their cause and now she will give the ultimate sacrifice for her stupidity, I mean faith. Of course this is probably all a stunt anyways. Guess we will see at the end of the month.

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