widow sentenced to 40 lashes for accepting bread

Khamisa Sawadi, a 75 year old widow living in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to 40 lashes and four months imprisonment for ‘mingling’ with two young men who are not relatives. She had asked them to deliver to her home five loaves of bread. After delivering the baked goods her nephew and his business partner were arrested by the religious police and were also sentenced to lashes and jail time.

This is sharia law in progress.

Meanwhile, there has been virtual silence from Canadian human rights activists and feminist organizations. Judy Rebbick, queen of Canadian gender equality is too busy writing  foolish claims that Israel Aparthied Week in Canada is not an anti-Semitic hate fest to be bothered by the fact that whabbists would cart a senior to a post and lash her, I would suspect, to death.

She is a widow. She is 75. She asked for bread. I invite the lefties, namely the feminist organizations and the NDP (who would have the Alberta oil sands shut down so we could pump more money to our Saudi friends) and any moderate Muslim organizations in Canada to openly denounce these actions. Hmmmm. I’m still waiting for the denouncements for the brutal murder of Daniel Pearl, and the slaughter of school children in Beslan. For those who want to continue chattering on of the qualities of cultural relativism, go ahead. For those who are prepared to stand up to sharia, please contact the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Ottawa or the nearest whabbist centre near you.

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